I'd Rather Drink__________!


Big Winter Daddy
Well, with the smashing success of What it's like to date a horse thread, the more complex a threak becomes, there is always the chance that it organically morphs into something else and takes the threak off topic.

Let us look at the progression:

It's nice that a bunch of horseshit has made its way into the horse fucking thread. Really ties everything together.

Keep drinking your Miller Lite you piss hound.

I'd rather drink bat semen

I smell a new thread idea

So here it is folks, when someone posts something that just hits you the wrong way you can respond with I'd rather drink__________ and fill in your own pithy liquid that communicates your feelings.
Does Dunham drink Yuengling? It does seem to be the upscale hipster choice.
I'd rather drink that yummy aloe soda that fills the aisles of every Asian supermarket.
I am uninterested in urine, warm or cold.
I'd rather drink fourLoko
Jesus Christ, Yuengling can't be a hipster beer, I've been drinking it since I was twelve.
So sorry. Authentic, vintage, cheap.
Then there are regional beers such as Genesee, Narragansett and Yuengling; they’re all relatively cheap brews, and they’ve all been mentioned by beer-industry experts as hipster favorites and potential contenders for PBR’s crown.

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