If Your House Burned Down Today...

Jan Libourel

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The loss of what things would grieve you the most? I will leave out the things that would bother everybody like pets and cherished family mementoes and heirlooms. In my case the loss of the following would distress me the most:

1. My library. Many of my books would be irreplaceable, and they represent a lifetime of accumulation.
2. My guns and ancillary gear (for reasons similar to my library). I would rate my books over my guns because I read all the time. I go shooting for only about an hour each week.
3. My wardrobe. Hey, this is the "Dressed Well Forum"!
4. My exercise gear and gym equipment. This would be a distant fourth. I could really have all the exercise gear I need these days with a pair of Indian clubs and a couple of kettlebells. (Actually, on looking into matters, my kettlebells and barbell and dumbbell plates would probably survive a fire quite well, needing nothing more than fresh coats of black enamel.)

Beyond that, there's not too much I cherish greatly in the way of possessions. Anybody else like to play this game?
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1. My collection of old tailoring books. Some/ most are German, others Italian and French, the majority of them cannot be replaced.
2. My collection of old (and large) tailor shears. Some of them dating back to around 1850 or so (R. Heinisch). The heat of the house fire would most likely ruin the steel.

In the mid-nineties our family home burned down and I can assure you it's not a pleasant experience. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but your posessions are the least you worry about.
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