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Grand Potentate Grand Potentate , is it possible to delete one's account and all their posts?

I do not wish to contribute financially and as such, I should not be allowed to be a member anymore.
Dontations aren’t required. You’ve certainly got the right attitude to be eventually shit canned.


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just renewed the forum hosting for another year

our funds are dwindling in the reserves. Registered we've got a lot of new members here recently. if you guys can chip in anything, as little as $5, it helps. more is definitely better though!

thanks for the reminder and yes, I'll think at least about it. beforehand, I probably need more routine with the forums navigation. I hardly find the threads I want, though. obviously, not familiar with the algorithm, if there is any, yet. actually glad, that the mindless attacks at my reentry sstopped. the old bs is buried, I don't need to understand. will never accept it, but can live with it, nvm.
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