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well the church doesn't think your child getting raped is a big deal

yes you freak!

i stuck this here because we don't have an TERF bigotry thread or a chronicle of these insane freaks. probably should though.
Not surprised. I can't count how many fights we would get into with Catholic school kids in junior high because there was a simple ditch that partitioned the public and Catholic schools.

I'll wait for the counter-piece written by nuns.

"Munari, 49, went downstairs and found that a 10-foot statue of Jesus had been wrested off its pedestal and thrown to the ground, its face partially destroyed. When the church’s doorman tackled the man suspected of toppling the statue on Feb. 2, Jewish ritual tassels that had been concealed under his clothes emerged, the Franciscan friar said.

'He was kind of crying. Like, ‘We have to destroy all the statues and the idols in Jerusalem,’' Munari told NBC News last week as he gazed at the smashed face of Jesus, now awaiting repair at the church, which was built in 1929 on a site that dates to the 12th century."

After 140 years we have finished the cathedral. The special subsidy on visitor's entrance fees will now end and be replaced by the continuing renovation and maintenance tax.

"His acts prior to the incident and general demeanor suggest that he is suffering from a well-recognized condition known as the Jerusalem syndrome,"

...alright - carte blanche for me to do whatever I want.

“Bartholomew I is regarded as the ‘first among equals‘among patriarchs in Eastern Orthodoxy and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians. The patriarchate dates from the 1,100-year Orthodox Greek Byzantine Empire, which ended in 1453 when the Muslim Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople, today’s Istanbul.”

You mean since the Council of Chalcedon. The people continued to refer to themselves in text as Romaioi or Romans until AD 1453 in Latin and Greek.

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