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Hi! Glad I found this place :)

I'm a 17yo guy from France learning about sartorialism and craftmanship. The subject first caught my attention through observation: when it was made clear to me that classic menswear could actually be more than a white shirt, navy satin tie & a navy suit (the politician's suit). I did some research on the internet, spiraled down the rabbit hole, read some books (Dressing The Man by Alan Fusser/Some of other stuff) and it only strengthened my will to invest some time & money into quality craftmanship.

Of course, I don't want to be overdressed! This would just make me look presumptuous and out of place. Thus, no suit for me yet (even if I love ties & pocket squares): I don't have the money nor use for it (maybe in three years). However, I would like to grow out of wearing hoodies everyday (even if they look super cool) and pay some attention to how I look. In short, I'm here to learn about good taste, formality levels, where I can find some quality pieces without ending up in financial debt and have some fun conversations about the fine things life has to offer.

Thanks for reading & welcoming me in this fine & fun community!
Harry Haller

Note: (this is a pseudonym, maybe I will reveal my true name someday ahah)
Welcome HarryHaller HarryHaller

There is a goodly number of good souls to answer your sartorial questions.

You will get more responses if you refer to current events, e.g., COVID collar gap in classic menswear and Gaza grunge (not Garza) in streetwear.

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