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Have you heard of them?

Found in my tumblr feed their link, someone reblogged it and just for curiousity visited the website. They are shoes made in Australia and they seem decent for the price.

What you think guys?


I'm not impressed, even at that price point (though the idea of cognac pebble grain captoe brogues does appeal to me). I'm assuming the leather is corrected. They don't offer leather soles on their black oxfords, which seems a bit silly as that's the one shoe you'd definitely want leather soles on.

Still, if the soles are Dainite, I'd wear some pebble grains as beaters.
Indeed. Welcome! And knowing that it's not CG, I'll take a more thorough look at your wares.
Hello Betelgeuse,

Thank you very much for your courtesy. We ship our shoes globally via FedEx and have a number of overseas customers who purchase our shoes provide positive feedbacks. Now, we are having a Christmas promotion, beside additional discount we offer free shipping and other free gifts as well. The picture below is our promotion details. If you have any requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to serving you.

Kind Regards,
JR Marketing Manager

Promotion sounds very nice! I will need to investigate about customs duties, cause via FedEx I'm quite sure I'm gonna be hit with a lot of import duties.
Nothing jumps out at me about the RTW, but I think I might investigate the mto process.
Is this outfit still in business? Just checked out the site and I can't see any pictures. Just a blank "order custom boots/shoes"

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