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"...McDonald’s asked them to work from home from Monday through Wednesday so it can deliver staffing decisions virtually, the report said. It is unclear how many employees will be laid off.

'During the week of April 3, we will communicate key decisions related to roles and staffing levels across the organization,' the Chicago-based company said in the message viewed by the Journal.

McDonald’s also asked employees to cancel all in-person meetings with vendors and other outside parties at its headquarters, the report added."

Another win from the pandemic. It's easier to do mass layoffs remotely.
Why do you feel that is absurd?

Because they know no one will accept that increase. I thought negotiations should be about reaching a reasonable compromise. Public shaming with impossible demands isn't constructive.
Because they know no one will accept that increase. I thought negotiations should be about reaching a reasonable compromise. Public shaming with impossible demands isn't constructive.
Public pressure and exposing how poorly paid you are is very constructive.

"The Interior Ministry put the overall number of demonstrators at 782,000, including 112,000 in the capital Paris, but the CGT union say the figure is three times that number."

Let's burn some sh*t down.


Working class unite!

"Archways Richwood LLC, based in Walton, was found to have allowed 242 children between the ages of 14 and 15 to work beyond allowable hours. Most worked earlier or later in the day than the law permits and more than three hours on school days, the Labor Department said."

Who runs a 3 hour shift? It's almost not worth the time unless it's clean the toilet and bin the rubbish before we shut off the lights time.
Telus offers buyouts to 2,000 employees in bid to trim workforce

"We are offering a voluntary separation package to 2,000 team members, and anticipate several hundred to accept the offer. We will also only accept several hundred to opt-in,"

Smarter than one of my prior companies where too many people walked out. But then again, if you were offered and weren't the several hundred who opted in, what message does that send? You really suck and we hoped you leave but keep working.

"Collaboration is often harder working from home – producing the amount of work required in a four-day week would be really difficult."

Work 4 days of 10 hours + break in office, get 3 day weekends at home.

“'Looking at the overall resignation numbers, and seeing they’re back to 2019 levels, I think we can say it’s over. It's not just a simple start-and-stop, of course, but it does seem that we're at the tail of it,' says Klotz"

Companies can resume abusing their employees even more.

"About 12% of workers in the US, where Zoom is headquartered, were fully remote in July, while another 29% had hybrid policies, according to a survey by researchers at Stanford University and others that has been conducted monthly since the pandemic.

That is similar to patterns recorded by the Office for National Statistics in the UK earlier this year.

Earlier research by the Stanford team has found remote work is more common in English-speaking countries, and far less common in Asia and Europe.

Before the pandemic, the share of days worked from home in the US was only about 5%. Globally, workers consistently desire more flexible working arrangements than employers see as optimal.

Zoom at one point said staff would be able to work remotely indefinitely."

Next Zoom product line - in person conference + in person office tools and software.

"UPS said the average full-time driver would earn about $170,000 (£135,000) annually, including healthcare and other benefits, by the end of the five-year contract. That is up from about $145,000 now.

Prior to the new deal, the company said drivers earned about $95,000 in pay annually on average or about $42 an hour, and another $50,000 in benefits.

For drivers, the Teamsters union, which represents more than 300,000 UPS staff, said the new contract would provide a pay boost of $2.50 an hour this year and $7.50 an hour over the five years of the deal."

$52/hr x 2261 hours = 117,572 + ~50,000 benefits = ~$167,000.

As if the NHS junior doctors weren't bold enough - 46% raise, 32 hour work weeks (but paid 40 hours)..

Sure we can discuss a 32 hour work week @ 40 hour pay as long as there is a commitment to efficiencies and automation such that we only need people to work 32 hours by the end of the contract and 1 of 5 people (8 hours x 5 people) gets terminated.

They are entitled to their entitlements.

"A key player for Amazon is a labor supply company that gets workers from other countries — the Saudi-based Abdullah Fahad Al-Mutairi Co. Amazon is among several large corporations that has contracted Al-Mutairi, which has billed itself as 'a leading provider of human resource solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.' Forty-nine of the 54 workers interviewed were hired through Al-Mutairi."

So it's not really Amazon. It's a subcontractor.

"Following a series of tax changes in 2013, Mr Buffett conceded that even though his tax rate had risen he was still paying a lower percentage than his secretary."

Just think what 5% would raise.

Actors and actresses are back to work. Exciting films that have begun shooting again: Dune 2, Deadpool 3, Venom 3, Mission Impossible 8, Gladiator 2, Beetlejuice 2....okay I guess we wouldn't have missed much if they continued to strike forever.

"'The fact is there are lots of jobs, the problem is whether you are willing to lower your expectations,' she adds, before turning to negotiate a price for snow pea shoots.

Joy's experience is not unusual in today's China, where there are more graduates than employers that need them. Out of her class of 32, only around a third have found full-time jobs since graduating in the summer.'"

China needs its youth properly employed - so says Xi.

"SpaceX has a 'toxic culture' where harassment is tolerated, particularly against women, Deborah Lawrence, one of the employees who was fired, said in a statement provided by her lawyers."

Who else will send stuff to the space station, moon and operate the Starlink satellites?

"We know there's a war going on in Israel. I am not afraid of death. We can die here too,"

When one group of working poor check out, the next group moves in...

"Half of the plants researchers found to be using North Korean workers were certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, a sustainability group, which only grants certification if companies have passed social audits or other assessments. Jackie Marks, the MSC’s head of public relations, said these social audits are conducted by a third party, not by the organization."

Seeing that MSC sustainability logo on the back of your frozen seafood package is apparently no guarantee you aren't chomping on North Korean goods.

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