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“Prices are expected to climb faster than pay, putting the biggest squeeze on household finances in decades.

Andrew Bailey said the Bank raised rates to 0.5% from 0.25% to prevent rising prices becoming ’ingrained’.

Asked if the Bank was also implicitly asking workers not to demand big pay rises, he said: ’Broadly, yes’.”

Doesn't sound real to me. They'd struggle to get around the employment laws in Europe. Especially in the likes of Sweden.

He didn't mention the Personal Income Tax Rate in Sweden which is 52.9% and has been over 60% at times in the last two decades. That's the average, not the high tax bracket. And whilst Sweden is more cost effective to live than in Norway or Finland, the cost of living is not cheap.

Indentured servitude to one company is over lads...welcome to the gig economy where you get equally abused between your three jobs.

Pimpernel Smith Pimpernel Smith Fwiffo Fwiffo you guys ever seen anything like this discrimination in the c-suites?

When executives look at the staff? Of course there is. No one is stupid to write it down though. You wouldn't want a guy a few years away from retirement volunteer for your innovation committee and a 30 or 40 year work anniversary is great...mostly for the employee.

We did have a CxO in Europe get dismissed and the exit discussions stupidly mentioned age, and that was used in the severance process to wrangle more money.
Should in-office workers be paid more?

"A study from Switzerland-based International Workplace Group found that 72% of workers preferred long-term flexibility in where they’re based compared to a 10% pay rise.

Meanwhile, on the anonymous professional network Blind, users were asked whether they’d prefer a permanent work-from-home option or a $30,000 pay rise to go to the office. Of the more than 3,000 US-based respondents – who represented companies such as Amazon, Google, and Twitter – 64% chose flexibility over pay. For some workers, it seems, the pay rise would need to be very, very significant to override the benefits of home working."

Besides market adjustments on your salary because you moved to low cost Timbuktu there was money thrown at people who were at risk to leave who worked remotely. Now more money is to be thrown to get people to return to the office.
I think this sums it up:

Given the ultimate aims of its blockades (and its conspicuous lack of attention to key labor issues facing the trucking industry) the convoy may not have represented an authentic working-class movement.

The rest of the piece is kaka.
I was meant to be doing a course next week in the UK, but rescheduled to later this year, I would have been travelling P&O Rotterdam to Hull this Friday:

Good job I cancelled that. The two ships that do the Rotterdam-Hull and back route are mainly staffed by Filipinos and Portuguese.

“What a relief not to have to go in day after day, week after week, and fail at making friends and having fun.”

I knew that feeling. I'm going to feel devastated to have to go back in person. So much time and energy wasted for no personal benefit.

Militancy. Which should make Rambo happy.
Jack Nicholson Reaction GIF

Rambo - people regret just quitting and leaving. I should have saved all the articles from the Great Recession and reused them so I look like a pundit.

interesting to see how the anti-union sausage is made.

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