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I used to buy my shirts from Grosvenor and Chester Barrie. When they closed I used Smyth and Gibson and Harvie and Hudson more. However, Oliver Brown has had some good recent offerings such as Sea Island cotton shirts from £185.00.

I was thinking of adding more Sea Island cotton shirts to my T&A, Emma Willis and Oliver Brown selection.

Oliver Brown are still great value. Ede and Ravencroft are not that much more. H&K have Sea Island quality shirts in their sale.

T&A and Budd are incredibly more expensive than in previous years
Turnbull has always charged a very hefty premium, Budd wasn't cheap either.

I'd still rate H&H as probably the best value since Hilditch went downhill.

Budd gets you the sweet spot of quality fabric and not eye watering price I think for more premium offerings compared to Turnbull.
I checked my emails for my previous Sea Island cotton orders:

T&A £395.00 now £475.00
EW £350.00 now £440.00
Oliver Brown £175.00 now £185.00

The others:
Dunhill £485.00
Budd £365 was £325.00
Sunpel £325 was £215.00
E&R £245.00

Previously Chester Barrie - I have one, and Thresher and Glenny had Sea Island cotton shirts

I ordered a Sea Island shirt for £165.00 from Façonnable that disappeared in the post.
Wow, that Turnbull increase is something, Sunspel as well. Budd looks a lot more modest on their increase.
Anthony Sinclair seems overpriced for shirts to me, but they are downright cheap compared to the above.
Well my Oliver Brown Sea Island cotton and H&K Sea Island Quality shirts have arrived.


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