LPT: Not sure if you really need the clothes? Put the money aside for a bigger purchase later!

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I thought of this when I saw the Gaiter boots post, the guy saying "I'm thinking about buying these, but at least a hundred new shoes and it's too hot in San Antonio and these ain't nothing but straight heat. I'll wear them with Abercrombie camo chino's, black skinnies and black/camo shirts when it's cooler out. Should I get these Reddit?"

Later that day I had like $80 of Abercrombie and Fitch stuff in my cart (wanted a linen shirt and free shipping), when I realized that that $80 could go a long way toward buying something else later.

So instead of checking out, I went into my bank account and put $80 aside into a new account. Right now I think I wanna save up for a nice bike, for example.

I'm not saying don't buy clothes, but rather, instead of impulsive small purchases, sometimes it's good to take that same money and make a bigger purchase, clothes or otherwise.

Obviously we all can do basic math, but it kind of blows my mind that if you put away $50 a month for a year you'll have $600 by the the end.

As someone who has scored a lot of awesome deals on this subreddit, but also has bought a lot of stuff I probably didn't need, I want to share my new life tip

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