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I'm subscribed to:

Cook's Illustrated
Bon Appetit

What do you guys get?
ESPN The Magazine - Many people don't know this, but the magazine subscription gives full Insider access on I got 5 years of the magazine for $10. 1 year of Insider is $30.

The Week - I don't subscribe any more, but this is the best news magazine outside of the Economist, and MUCH much shorter to read.

I used to have about 10 subs but I cut back on things I hardly read.
Ya, Esquire was so much better in the 9os and 00s. I'm still angry they did away with the dubious achievements issue... that was the best thing they did.
Join the NMA and get the Driving Freedoms magazine.
Join the NRA and get American Rifleman magazine or another magazine.
Motorcycle Consumer News

I recommend Reason, The Atlantic, Modern Drunkard

Not really, but fun to carry around in plain sight, are High Times, Soldier of Fortune, Outlaw Biker, Girls & Corpses
What happened to that magazine that people were raving about? The Rake? I got a few people who were in transit through Asia to pick me up a few copies but never really followed it afterwards.
Exquisite Trimmings still sells it, looks like it's still going.
In that case, not worth subscribing too since the majority of folks have moved on. I remember people were selling back issues on the classifieds.

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