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Amazing Kansas win over Duke in OT and the final Four is now set. Let's face it, every Duke loss is wonderful.

Kansas and Villanova, both #1 seeds face each other and Michigan #3 faces this year's Cinderella Loyola (IL) #11
Is Loyola the one with the old nun in a wheelchair? I've been seeing that every time I watch US broadcast news. First it was NBC. Then it was ABC.
The two AVPs at work in my department are Duke fans although again, neither of them went to college in the States.
Interesting start to the tournement.

Virginia shit the bed in the First four, losing to Colorado State. Groundswell calling for Bennett to get canned.

On the other hand, Long Beach State fired their coach before they got into the tourney. The AD now says he did it to inspire the team to get in. They got in by unexpectedly winning the Big West then got crushed by 2-seed Arizona. He calls it a success but he doesn't want to pat himself on the back.

Grambling won its first game ever. On a slam with less than a minute left. Now they get to play 1 seed Purdue. But Purdue choked last year to a lesser than.

Duquesne upset BYU and wrecked many brackets.

South Carolina choked to Oregon.
it's the "what have you done for me lately?" mentality going on. He was also getting grief about not using the transfer portal
well they haven't been good in a while now and its the ONLY thing in Kentucky to speak of, so I kind of get their frustration.
Calipari leaving Kentucky for Arkansas. Around $8 million per year plus a $5 million NIL deal.

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