'Mexican' Prada


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Have you heard of them?

Probably not, cause I'm not talking about the one that is made in Italy but the one made in Spain... or in Mexico or I don't know. They seem to have some decent pair of shoes and the construction doesn't look bad, but I will like to know if you have heard of them?

Link: http://www.prada.mx/
You really gotta title this 'Mexican Prada' or some shit. Everyone's gonna get confused.

I never saw one of their stores, for what its worth.
That's the point, mate. Confusion. :smuggrin:

Then they see and post. :dumb-91:
Yeah, I don't know from where the name comes from.

And once they told me they were made in Leon, Mexico. I was like damn you! That's why I can't bring shoes without paying ridiculous taxes! But then they told me they were made in Spain.
So they just ripped off the regular Prada's name?

I guess. The guys from Saks once told me that they had a lot of trouble to bring the Prada from Italy because of the Mexican/Spanish Prada. I guess that some models are made in Leon, Mexico and because of the government's protection to them, Prada from Italy found some problems.

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