MLB 2024

Amazing what numbers like this:

...will get you:

steve cohen out here playing around like he's in MLB2k
Who was fielding a more competitive team? Maybe the medical thing only affects the later years of his career.
I thought there were new clocks to shorten the game time.
This is good. Jays have already lost 3 games.
I'm going to have to get used to the baseball games. Rickshaws, DJs blasting music on the street, people wailing and screaming into 1am (is it not a weekday?) At least there wasn't vomit on my block.

After the 2-8 Tigers, we get the 11-0 Rays. I can't imagine that will look good.
We're 15-9 and beating up on the White Sox at home now.

$1 hot dogs yesterday. But the ticket is $20 for standing room plus Ticketmaster fees so I reckon buying your own hot dogs is cheaper. Plus you can skip the carbs in the buns.
Blue Jays @ Tampa Bay Rays...

"Raley, an outfielder and first baseman, allowed seven runs and eight hits over 1 2/3 innings. He threw 27 pitches of 47-54 mph. 'It's something I can honestly say I never thought I would do ... at least have one strikeout in the books,' Raley said."

I haven't seen putting a random player on the mound since.... going to baseball summer camp.
Blue Jays win 9 of last 11. ...Oh wait we're still 9.5 games back.
A .500 record doesn't mean much anymore especially in AL East.

There must be some teams getting clobbered (like the A's)

The local radio did a plug for Joey Votto. I didn't even know he was still playing.
I haven't looked at AL East for awhile and now Orioles are at the top. I thought they were at the bottom in the beginning of the season.
I didn't even know Hyun Jin Ryu was still with the Jays.
We get blown away by the Orioles and are slipping out of the wild card race again. Maybe it's time to find a quiet home game to go to before the season ends.
Rangers get into town and we're now going to be chasing other teams for the final spot. 10 game home stand isn't working out.
Totally blown out by the Rangers and now behind them and Mariners for the wild card.
Thanks to the charitable Red Sox, back holding a wild card spot.
2 of 3 against the Rays will guarantee a wild card spot...

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