Motorcycle Madness

Motor built, electronics installed, all swingarm, linkage, and steering bearings replaced. Trees installed too.

Had to score another swingarm as the one that came with bike has a cracked bearing boss.

Finally got myself a bike again:
That for commuting or off-roading?

No commuting. Fun rides only. Mainly roads and canyons, bit of off road from time to time. Probably with dual sport tires once these are used up. The closest off road park is 60miles away, so it needs to be able to do some highway miles.
Why didn't you get a regular bike then? One you can carry another person with.
Why didn't you get a regular bike then? One you can carry another person with.

You can carry another person with this one. More comfortably than with a sports bike.

Out of all the bikes I’ve had, I’ve had the most fun with my supermoto. I looked back at it longingly for years, even when I had a bike that was 3x as powerful. They’re lightweight, easy to flick around, great for tight corners and cities, loads of low end torque, wheelies in every gear, you can drift them around corners due to the frame geometry, comfortable on both nice roads and shitty California roads with potholes everywhere, the upright seating position means great visibility and comfy for my back. If you do end up dropping it the cost of new plastics is a few hundred compared to a few thousand with a regular bike. Insurance is a hell of a lot cheaper as well (300/year vs 2000/year for a sports bike).

Moreover, they’re fun to ride at lower speeds! My sports bike went over 60mph in first gear, and wasn’t really fun until you hit 10k revs. It’s not very practical when I’m living in a country where you can actually go to jail for speeding.

The increased cc (690cc vs my old 450cc Supermoto) and power (70hp vs 45hp) means it’s decent at highways as well this time, while being lightweight enough (300lbs) for some off road riding.

It’s the ideal bike for me! I got a great deal on it too, $8k for a two year old bike that costs $15k new. An 8 year old one still sells for $5k-$6k, so depreciation is negligible. It has all the mods I’d make myself, and still 3 months of warranty, which I might extend.
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Update this thread, doghouse doghouse ! I enjoy reliving my riding days through you all.

I had a Honda Rebel nearly 30 years ago. I’d get something similar again if I had garage space, lived somewhere better for riding, didn’t have a whole family of people telling me not to and wasn’t getting old and blind.
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Vintage Indians are heavy, boring and break down all the time. That’s for when I’m 50.

I’m turning 50 very soon. Looking at vintage Indians and Triumphs while thinking thatmight be a bit too much oomph for me now. 😂
I nearly took a test drive of a Kawasaki W800 last weekend. Just for fun.


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