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Just because this is totally ridiculous. All l can say is WOW. James must have practiced really hard to be able to do that.
African American composer W. C. Handy wrote in his autobiography of the experience of sleeping on a train traveling through (or stopping at the station of) Tutwiler, Mississippi around 1903, and being awakened by:

... a lean, loose-jointed Negro [who] had commenced plucking a guitar beside me while I slept. His clothes were rags; his feet peeped out of his shoes. His face had on it some of the sadness of the ages. As he played, he pressed a knife on the strings in a manner popularised by Hawaiian guitarists who used steel bars. ... The effect was unforgettable.

His song, too, struck me instantly... The singer repeated the line ("Goin' where the Southern cross' the Dog") three times, accompanying himself on the guitar with the weirdest music I had ever heard. The man at the train station is rumoured to be Henry Sloan...An Elder from Dockery Plantation that taught Charley Patton to play.. The Peavine Railroad went from Dockery to "Where the Southeren Cross the Dog" a few miles away to connect to all points North and West. This is a version of the song that WC Handy heard that day...

Darby and Tarlton was an early country music duo, who achieved some level of success in the late 1920s. The duo consisted of Tom Darby (born August 25, 1891 Columbus, Georgia - died August 20, 1971) and Jimmie Tarlton, (born May 8, 1892 Cheraw, South Carolina - died November 29, 1979 Phenix City, Alabama).

Probably a repost.

On Sundays at my local French bar/restaurant up the block, they would have a live band from 12pm - appr 4 doing covers. These guys would KILL this.

Every time I would walk in, they would queue this up and I would hear it soon after. Such a great track!

Bonus in the vid...some guy named Luther and a sax guy named David Sanborn. Hope they made it in the biz!
As usual I always post this

I wouldn't kiss Bruce Springsteen,
Jackson Brown or Leonard Cohen.
But I know someone who'd love to shift
The drummer in Status Quo.
And I wouldn't drop the love on Bono,
There'd be far too many legal wrangles.
But Jesus Christ Almighty, I'd love to touch the Bangles.
I wouldn't kiss AC/DC
Or Lemmy from Motorhead
I wouldn't kiss Tom Petty,
Tina Turner or the Grateful Dead.
And I wouldn't kiss Mr Tambourine Man
No matter how he jingled or jangled
But Jesus Christ Almighty, I'd love to kiss the Bangles.
I'd love to have it off with Suzanna Hoffs.
I'd love to have it off with Suzanna Hoffs.
I'd love to have it off with Suzanna Hoffs.
Err ... my favourite's Vicky, actually.
I wouldn't kiss Liam O'Maonlai,
Guns & Roses or Muddy Waters.
I wouldn't kiss Brian Wilson
Or his lovely yankee daughters.
And Shane McGowan is not my type
Because his teeth are green and mangled
But Jesus Christ Almighty, I'd love to bang the Bangles.
Oh Jesus Christ Almighty, I'd love to bang the Bangles

just finished Snowfall s5 and starting on s6. this was in the end credits for s5. john singleton is a real one.

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