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And we're outside a club and the rain is slamming in our faces.
The reality is that now I feel like another
And I don't want to try again, you know I don't want to listen to you anymore
We're out of a club, but I want to go home
And the reality is that you've never actually been there.
And I don't want to dance anymore, you know I don't want to dance anymore
To dance with you

E siamo fuori da un club e la pioggia ci sbatte in faccia
La realtà è che un po' adesso mi sento un'altra
E non mi va di riprovarci, sai non mi va più di ascoltarti
Siamo fuori da un club, ma io voglio tornare a casa
E la realtà è che in realtà non ci sei mai stata
E non mi va più di ballare, sai non mi va più di ballare
Di ballare con te

The Boss looking very sharp, wearing original Wayfarers, selvedge denim, old (vintage?) engineers and an Imogene & Willie cotton blouson jacket.
Tonight, I’m off to see Von Eldritch and his new band yell songs that were once great. It looks like the support act is Berlin, best known for that Top Gun song. I have very low expectations for the gig, but I know I’d regret not taking this off my bucket list if I didn’t go.

These guys were the support act last night at the show I saw. They played hard and loud. They are a lot better live than any of their studio work - a lot more Motörhead and a lot less Clan of Xymox live

Sooo underrated:

Not a big fan of her music, but such a great voice:

I’m going to catch this Celtic-Kraut outfit when they come here in October:

An old acquaintance Chrissy singing her song. Last met her at The Forum during her afternoon rehearsal in about 2010, 3 years before she passed away. RIP Chrissy.

fxh fxh do you remember our local band called The Spazzys? Average musicians, average singers, average writers, but they always got good gigs, got t.v and radio play, got high myspave views, got an indie label and supported numerous global star bands. I saw them back in the day as a support act. I can them bubble gum punk....people loved their simple catchy tunes. Everyone wanted to be with Ally. They got signed up because they were unique and had good stage presence.


for the melanin challenged amongst us. its a surprisingly better than what you'd expect for an NPR concert.

Я русский, я иду до конца
Я русский, моя кровь от отца
Я русский, и мне повезло
Я русский, всему миру назло

I am Russian, I push to the end
I am Russian, My bloodline from my Father
I am Russian, And got lucky
I am Russian, To all spite of this world
I’ve been waiting for new music from Matte Black to drop for nearly a year. Very disappointed that the first track contains no vocals. As much as I like the sound, it’s the whole seedy Depeche Mode at the orgy vocals and lyrics that are their strength:

I’ve seen these guys live a few times and they put on a great show, full of energy. The studio material hasn’t captured that yet.


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