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A gig combination made in heaven. Flo & Eddie and Martin Mull. I've seen Flo & Eddie a few times - once with Zappa.

I went to South Africa in 1996 and Nelson Mandela's right-hand man, Tokyo Sexwale, who was a prisoner with him at Robben Island, told me Mandela was a fan of mine. I assumed we were talking about books. Then Tokyo said, "Don't get a swell head Kinky, because you were not Mandela's favorite country singer – Dolly Parton was – but he listened to your music."

They smuggled in cassettes to Robben Island and very late at night he'd play them so some of the other prisoners could hear. Tokyo heard him play "Sold American" a few times, but he mostly played "Ride 'Em Jewboy." That was his sign-off song – the last thing he'd play at night.

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