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i honestly don't give a shit about that. they're both absolute cunts. i'm just telling you the framing of the article means its got absolutely no credibility.
What have you got against The Boss?
How your Amsterdam taxi driver is running guns, drugs and just waiting for you to flash your Rolex watch in the back of the cab half-pissed:


On the bus line that goes by one of the poorest luxury to work from home for this lot.
Works for me. Hides my Jay Leno jaw.

I haven’t bleached my teeth in years, which has been nice. But I miss seeing people smile. I’m sure it must make dating weird, if you don’t see the persons lower face until things get serious.
I haven’t bleached my teeth in years, which has been nice. But I miss seeing people smile. I’m sure it must make dating weird, if you don’t see the persons lower face until things get serious.

It was better during the social bubble concept. Singles could pair with one household. You go on a date and that's it - marriage. One and done.
unimportant but i thought this was funny


”For me, though, the main draw of personal ads is simple: It allows for a dynamic of one passive partner and one active partner. I am a 31-year-old woman who is done approaching men. I spent my 20s on apps like Bumble, where the women are the only members allowed to initiate messages, channeling my inner #girlboss and messaging guys first. I’m done. I’m tired. I prefer a dating situation where I am the one who is approached.”

I thought you wanted equality in everything.

"Having leg hair certainly seemed unacceptable to those around me. Friends and family pushed back harder against my not shaving than against my sexuality when I’d first come out. The message? I didn’t need anyone’s blessing to be bi, but apparently I should’ve gotten my boyfriend’s OK to have hairy legs. The pushback made me feel like I’d done something wrong. It implied that I wasn’t allowed to make decisions about my body on my own, that I needed my boyfriend’s approval even to experiment.

The growth stopped around day 21. The final length of my leg hair, after 27 days, was one centimeter. Though I got the answer to my initial question, the experiment left me with so many more.

Who needs permission to act — and from whom is it obtained?"

"My experiment was small and somewhat silly, but its implications are far-reaching. Even in the 21st century, the cultural expectation was that my body hair choices should be dictated by the men in my life."

No - you chose to associate with a man who passes judgment on your grooming and you accept his judgment. It has nothing to do with universal injustice to women on the state of their grooming requirements. That is still for you to decide. No one banned access to razors here.

I knew a girl in high school who just let her hair grow everywhere and found some hippy-ish bloke who was unkempt (but today would be called trendy and bearded) and they were okay with each other. Last time I was in some group study with her she said she was inspired reading a book where women would go on epic hikes for months letting their periods run down their hairy legs. I'm not sure why I needed to know all this information.

"The seven-hour standoff ended after he agreed to an offer that would see him receive some of the money, according to local media and a depositors group that took part in the negotiations."

You get money for surrendering? Only in Lebanon.

"The suspect’s wife told reporters gathered outside the bank that her husband 'did what he had to do,'"

Your spouse supports you committing armed robbery.

"As he was escorted out of the bank by security forces, the suspect waved to a crowd of supporters who had gathered outside during the incident. The crowd could earlier be heard shouting: 'Down with the rule of the banks.'"

People cheering a man to rob a bank. Only in Lebanon.

" of the key drivers behind the #menswear wave of the 2010s, the too-tailored suits, pocket squares, monk-strap shoes, whisky rocks, tie bars and high and tight haircuts."

That's my outfit today and yesterday. Except the whisky.

"... in 2022, it all feels faintly ridiculous. Since we left Don in a billowy white shirt on a California cliff edge – as he drifts off to Nirvana, or somewhere bleaker – the men’s fashion landscape is markedly different. Suits, while certainly not dead, have been softened and redefined, worn with t-shirts, or open collars, unstructured and elasticated. JP Morgan no longer has a dress code, and no one really goes to the office that much anyway. The contemporary workplace, as portrayed by the likes of Succession and Industry, shows the new uniforms of soft power: finance institution-branded quilted vests, Lanvin trainers, Loro Piana cashmere jumpers and a sea of muted tones and unlined and unstructured European tailoring."

What's elasticated? I'm an anachronism now.

"Every single world leader photographed at the recent G7 summit in Germany wore plain dark suits and white shirts with open collars. Not a tie in sight."

Staged to show solidarity and that they were rolling up their sleeves 'working'.

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