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Why isn't she paying him? I thought she was a billionaire and his net worth has taken a nose dive and he is now a mere millionaire.

“Koreans are deemed to be a year old when born and a year is added every Jan. 1. This is the age most commonly cited in everyday life.

A separate system also exists for conscription purposes or calculating the legal age to drink alcohol and smoke, in which a person’s age is calculated from zero at birth and a year is added on Jan. 1.

Since the early 1960s, however, South Korea has for medical and legal documents also used the international norm of calculating from zero at birth and adding a year on every birthday.”

Very efficient.
Jeannie Buss and Jay more engaged?

"Referring to another message describing two of the film-makers as 'weak and stupid', she said: 'It's my Frenchness coming out sometimes.'
She added: 'Sometimes you say things you don't actually mean. Of course they are not weak and stupid.'"

And asked about the reference to crew members as 'peasants... from Hampshire', she said: 'I have nothing against peasants.'

She said she would not make a 'B-movie' because appearing in such a film 'could kill my career'.

'When an actor has appeared in a B-movie they are labelled as a B-actor, you never get offered quality work ever again', she added."

If I call someone a peasant it's only because I'm French and I don't really mean it ...that way.

Wordle is only 1/3 as popular as its peak.

Maybe my former staff member will finally talk to me with words instead of Wordle scores.

"'The crowd was full of start-up founders,' Mr Jain said. 'I don't think there was a single person [there] who was an investor.'

'[Investors] may have been less in number but they were there,' he added.

According to him, among those present were India's largest private sector bank ICICI Bank, investment firm Unicorn India Ventures, financial services company Bajaj Finserv, and Premji Invest, a private equity fund owned by software tycoon Azim Premji.

But Mr Chauhan says the event mostly consisted of start-up founders going on stage to pitch themselves to an audience of other start-up founders. 'What's the point of that?'"

They called the cops?? A bit of hyperbole there. It's no different than going to a club and realising it's a sausage fest.

"Former staff also reportedly allege the 59-year-old made other impulsive firings, subjected employees to unwanted touching, and made threats of violence, especially while under the influence of alcohol." basically she is like any other chef who is no longer in the kitchen and has an ego.
An 'embarrassing' gear shortage has Canadian troops in Latvia buying their own helmets

"For Canadian troops deployed in Latvia, those private purchases have been decidedly more practical than luxurious — ...

They've been buying their own modern ballistic helmets equipped with built-in hearing protection that doubles as a headset. They've also personally purchased rain gear and vests and belts to carry water and ammunition.

Those frustrations have only been compounded by the arrival of more allied troops — among them Danish soldiers who are in some cases arriving with Canadian-purchased gear that makes them better equipped than Canadian soldiers....'carrying more advanced Canadian-made Colt Canada rifles, mounting more advanced Canadian Elcan DR sights...'

Dave Perry, a defence procurement expert at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, said the defence department should understand contractors are facing a deluge of orders since the war in Ukraine erupted in full fury"

It's okay. We're very good at shipping arms to Ukraine.

"Canadian troops in Latvia are grappling with more urgent equipment shortages as well. The battlegroup of roughly 1,500 soldiers, including more than 700 Canadians, lacks modern anti-tank weapons, systems to counter drones and a dedicated short-range air defence system to guard against helicopters and attack jets."

Doing the best that ~1% of GDP defence spending can afford for the NATO alliance.
Will someone autocorrect when I say it verbally?

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