NFL 2023

Rodgers is retiring?

I can't see him being traded and willingly play for another team.
Chad Johnson slept in the stadium for the first two years of his career. Didn't expect that from someone so flamboyant.
Bit strange from someone who renamed himself Ochocinco.
To me this season has the most big names getting released for cap space reasons in a long time. I guess it is the product of contracts maturing and maxing out.

But I can’t remember such an impact in past years. I guess you can’t rely on retiring with the same team anymore
I heard on the radio Rodgers wants to go to the Jets. That's the exact path Favre made.
Odell Beckham to Ravens. I didn't even know he sat out a year due to injury.
Does that mean all the cheerleader and other allegations get dropped?
Jalen Hurts is now the highest paid quarterback. Wait, who won the Super Bowl again?
Damar Hamlin back at it... maybe because I'm in his home market so I keep hearing it.

The medical explanation was a bit weird. Doctors were unanimous (not 2 against 1) on him suiting up again. Then the NBC reporter asks what's the chance of it happening again. Well, we can't rule out everything but it would be like getting hit by lightning twice.
Bryce Young to the Panthers...

All I can think of is Cam Newton..oh wait he's an unsigned free agent now.
Dan Snyder no longer owns the Washington Redskins Commanders but gets slapped with a $60M fine on the way out. How motivated is he to pay for it?
The Chiefs host the Detroit Lions this Thursday.....I think the only one I still know is Aaron Rodgers. No Brady, Brees, Rivers, Roethlisberger. I guess it's not fashionable to be QB into your 40s.

The next crop of oldies: The next oldest starter is Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, at 35. Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill recently turned 35. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins will be 35 in 11 days. Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson hits 35 in November.
I didn't paste after Cowboys because...we all know Jerry Jones isn't winning the Super Bowl. My 'hometown' Bills are still up there.

NFL TeamCurrent oddsOpening odds
Kansas City Chiefs6-16-1
Philadelphia Eagles8-19-1
Buffalo Bills9-19-1
San Francisco 49ers10-19-1
Cincinnati Bengals11-18.5-1
Dallas Cowboys15-114-1
Watched part of the 49ers blow out the Steelers.

Eagles @ Patriots. What is the point of Jalen Hurts running when you are trying to kill the game in the final few minutes of the 4th quarter?

He's going to end up like Cam Newton if he keeps exposing himself. Eagles could have killed the game so many times but kept letting the Patriots crawl back in.
That was a short stint for Rodgers at the Jets.

Some other lifelong Packer QB with a surname starting with F persisted for awhile longer.
Dolphins score 70 over the Broncos. What kind of scores are these?
Not sure why I got all the blow out games yesterday. Buffalo over Washington. Why was the kicker celebrating his field goal with a minute left? Chiefs over Bears.
Not sure why I didn't watch the Bills game because watching the Patriots these days is depressing. Another blow out loss.
Mahomes has beaten every NFL team now. Also Taylor Swift was not at the game.
If the 49ers lose to the Browns and lose their undefeated record they only have strange penalties and a lack of run defence to blame.
People can't kick 41 yard field goals now?
Or play quarterback. They were doing the bad QB draft on the bill simmons podcast today and I could believe how many they picked up and still had more to go. This product is so shitty between the play and the refs. doghouse doghouse and his commanders got robbed against Philly.

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