Official Weekly Buy/Sell/Trade Thread - August 02, 2020

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Buy/Sell/Trade here at your own risk. This post will expire Saturday night.


  1. Post a description that accurately describes what you are selling.

  2. Update your thread when something gets sold or is no longer available.

  3. Post item condition and any images of the item (if available). Be as descriptive as possible when posting an item for sale or trade.

Suspected vote manipulation/brigading will be reported to the reddit admins.


  • 99% of us use Paypal to facilitate these transactions. Gifting is fine, but understand the limits and liabilities of sending an unprotected "gift" to a seller. You'll save a bit of $, but it does leave you exposed if there is a fraudulent seller. So far though, in almost a year of this reoccurring thread, I haven't heard of any fraudulent transactions. But just try to be smart about things.

  • Please try to evaluate the "fair market value" of your items. No use in overpricing things and having them not sell.

  • Feel free to ask for answers or pictures about an item you are interested in. A good seller will always be willing to answer you in a timely matter.

  • On the other hand, be a good buyer. Respond to the seller's communication, and be truthful about your intentions. Nothing is worse for a seller than answering a bunch of questions about fit and details, and then the potential buyer dropping off the map.
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