Patent Trolls


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Patent trolls have a simple business model: they collect broad patents that appear to cover some part of an industry, and then they sue everyone, hoping that most companies will choose to pay a settlement over the hassle and cost of a lawsuit.

Awesome use of law and lawyers. Nothing like productive business models working for social good.
That's a long shot dependent on compliant plaintiffs, and there is money down up front. I don't see much future for this.

As with patents, you just get the right to sue. The people making money off the product/service can usually outlast the patent holder.
The goal is to force people to settle to just get rid of it. It's like the homeless guy that "helps" you find a parking space and then pesters you for $1.
This is inherently flawed, as anything lucrative enough to warrant a suit would be lucrative enough to protest the patent squatter.
Much like copyright law, that intended to promote creativity and innovation has ended up squelching it.
These fucks have been quite successful on many fronts. It may be a business model with a stale date but until then it is working for them.

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