Pitti Uomo 89

Starts in less than a week.

Will EFV be going?

I'm pretty sure that EFV mentioned over on StyleForum that he'll be attending again this year.

I look forward to lots of photos of eccentrically dressed men swarming around the plaza outside Pitti, all frantically trying to be photographed as much as possible. Hopefully, we'll see lots of photos of Lino's thumb and Mr Marararararo Raro and his gang.
I am ready to see the Wooster.

Will Gianni be there, that's the question

I like Lino's thumb. No homo.

best time of HOLE year for these gentleman brothers
Will EFV be going?

I'd say so ...

Erica and I are proud to yet again be representatives for the forum at ‪#‎pitti89‬. Be sure to follow our coverage both on Instagram and on styleforum.
This is a web forum that's supplied me with lots of inspiration & knowledge over the years. It's also a site through which I've met so many interesting people.
this bunch of portugese dandies has arrived to enjoy the florentine dark rooms of desease



also these german boys are already in lurv



this untailor of horrors is on his way


and there will be a bunch of ghey vikings including this pretty fucker

The dandy with the floral tie looks like Canada's Prime Minister! JAJAJAJA!

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