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My stepson just started a new job that requires him to wear decent business casual attire, including dress slacks. He has a copious supply of dress slacks, nearly all the result of my generosity in previous years. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are pleated. He is now refusing to wear pleated slacks, claiming they are "out" and unfashionable. I think he got this from one of his pals whom I hold in low esteem. I view pleated pants as classic and timeless, but then I'm an old man. However, from what I have read recently, pleated pants are staging a big comeback and are losing the stigma of being outdated and fuddy-duddy-ish. Anyway, I'd appreciate any comments forum members may have on this topic. Am I right or is he?
You are correct, though it will be a few more years before you see ‘average’ well dressed twenty-somethings in pleats.
The leading edge "influencer" dudes are into pleats big time. It will take 3 years before its on main street and then it will still be niche. I have to do with a lot of men dressing for interviews. No one will wear pleats.
Younger generation is not wearing pleats. Spring for some new clothes for the lad.
I'm in my mid 20s and love pleats, though slightly more for comfort than aesthetics. I've got a thin waist and wide hips and thighs, plus eczema, so pleated trousers seem to let me have a better fitting waist without fabric clinging/rubbing on my hips and legs.

I've only ever worked in casual offices (in software jobs), so nobody cares or particularly seems to notice clothing. I would agree that I rarely see anyone wearing pleats around town/in the non-casual offices except for more fashion forward people, definitely not average office workers.
I'm in my mid 20s and love pleats.
No you don't, you like pleats. Mid 20s guys be spreading love elsewhere. Make sure the pleats are forward facing, i., e., they open toward your junk, else you'll look like an Italian push cart vendor.
Depends how slim you are. Young guys in good shape can wear pants sans pleats. I always have one pleat.

May not be a good idea if you're hung like John Holmes though....but then again...
Definite fan, but my missus is against them on the fashion thing, but nothing better than turn-ups with pleats. I'm 47 so middle aged. The risk of course is going full Woody Allen.
You are correct, though it will be a few more years before you see ‘average’ well dressed twenty-somethings in pleats.

Definitely back in the mainstream now. Nothing looks more dated than low-rise flat front trousers, it seems.


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