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Today I am wearing trousers from a brand that is nothing special. I noticed two interesting things about the pockets, both front and rear. Both corners are rounded, and the bottom is pure clean seam without that folded-in jagged edge poop. Even on handmade custom stuff, I get a squared off edge (which tends to collects pocket contents in the worst place) and the unfinished edge is there to offend my fingers.

It's not something I've thought about that much... but it does seem that tailored trousers should have pocket interiors of better construction than a pair of jeans.
I'll sketch something out or even take a real photo later. It's tricky as the lining fabric is black. Basically, it's just a U-shaped stitching with that flat whip-stitch or whatever it is called on the out side and a normal seam offset inside of that. Simple, flat, clean, and free of corners.

So the incredibly cheap Stan Ray chinos I have on today manage to get it mostly right by having the pocket inside seam separating the edges from the interior. I have no idea why this is so hard for some higher end construction.
Okay, here are some photos. The camera is damaged, so this is what we get.
First up, a pair of Italian corduroys (Roberto Rovi?) bought at Daffy's for $13. The fabric is great, the construction iffy.
The inside of the pocket looks like this.

Yeah, one shitty line of stitching, period. Your fingers and pockets run accross unraveling cloth. Should the seam fail, the pocket fails. Crap.

It looks better on the outside, but who cares? Note that the back pockets are inexplicably of vastly superior construction.

More secure and a bit better is a pair of custom pants that were likely ~$225. The lining is substantial and not coarse thin crud as above. But there is still rough stuff, jagged edges and loose threads to be found inside. And a sharp corner

But at least we see that there are two seams here.

The best, and probably easier to make than above given modern equipment is this. Effin Sarar, cheap Turkish company that used to do Hugo Boss's stuff. The inside shows nothing, is is smooth and clean.

And the outside shows security and flatness. finished edges, and two seams.

The rounded corner aspect is totally brilliant. It negates that hiding spot where coins and keys and little things go. Larger objects tend to self-center instead of falling to one side. It just feels better..
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Yes, even I have never really seen the inside of my pockets like that. Sorry about the lint and all, but this is an expose. If Chorn ignores this effort at clothing content, I will be most dejected.
Present and pleased. Also, I will be checking a bunch of my pockets on the morrow.
Arise for Zombie Wednesday! I was reminded of this when someone was speculating on fabrication and insisting that pre-made pocket linings could be purchased in bulk.
Well anyway, I noticed that my $18 fake Dickies from Work'N'Gear had the flat and secure serged edges with double stitching.
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