Politically Correct has Become Dangerous

This week it was proven that PC will absolutely get people killed.
The comments that became a reporter's death sentence
“We would say stuff like, ‘The reporter’s out in the field.’ And he would look at us and say, ‘What are you saying, cotton fields? That’s racist,’ ” Fair recounted.

“We’d be like, ‘What?’ We all know what that means, but he took it as cotton fields, and therefore we’re all racists.”

“This guy was a nightmare,” Fair said. “Management’s worst nightmare.”

Flanagan assumed everything was a jab at his race, even when a manager brought in watermelon for all employees.

“Of course, he thought that was racist. He was like, ‘You’re doing that because of me.’ No, the general manager brought in watermelon for the entire news team. He’s like, ‘Nope, this is out for me. You guys are calling me out because I’m black.’ ”

Flanagan even declared that 7-Eleven was racist because it sold watermelon-flavored Slurpees.
In fairness, it's not PC to bring watermelon anywhere where there could be black people. You're just asking for a NAACP flash protest.

The lack of chicken being served with the watermelon weakens the racist accusations. Or perhaps it speaks to the lack of proper education of modern racists.
#2 this idiot kid did this bullshit intentionally
I must agree. My understanding is that he repeatedly said "it's a clock" instead of adding, like any normal human being, that it was a school project for another class, whose teacher was in the building and could immediately confirm. This was a set-up.
Can't believe Harvard made a change.
I seriously think the vestigial laurels of such institutions will be shed soon and crackpot organizations that go along with this fad will be properly discredited laughing stocks.
How is old muppet looking hag still in charge of anything?

She gets her husband the military contracts and his company gives her the financial support for her election campaigns. Or whatever came first.
A clear "win-win" situation.
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More fakery, at the time thoroughly endorsed and approved as a modern day lynching by several politicians including Biden and Harris:


White people don't understand brown people.
The 90s series did have a certain edge to it, now through the prism of woke it must atone for its original sin. Which I believe it does admirably and it's unwatchable. We need more of this stuff, to remind us that everything before the woke revolution was unredeemingly and decadently of interest. A remake of The Cosby Show should be next. Bill Cosby uncancelled working as a janitor for some rich white folk, despite being a highly qualified MD and joining BLM with a guest appearance by Obama. Half his kids get killed by the police in the first series. He gets accused of wandering hands by a Karen and nearly gets lynched by the KKK section of New York's finest. It will be a laugh a minute.

“The controversial image featured on the vehicle is called Tribute from the Colonies, and depicts black and Asian people - one of whom is kneeling - offering goods including cocoa and sugarcane to a seated young white woman who symbolises the Netherlands.”

There is a lot of Aztec art showing human sacrifice so maybe we need to send the Taliban there to blow it up.

Muslim mother. Drag queen son. Not diverse enough. Needs a brown father and a white partner with a cross on his forehead to give a complete cosmopolitan picture.

"A Scottish hymn, said to be Mahatma Gandhi's favourite, has been dropped from India's annual Republic Day celebrations, as part of what the government says is an 'ongoing process of decolonising India'.

Every year, India puts on a grand parade in the capital, Delhi, on 26 January to mark the day in 1950 when it officially became a sovereign republic. The Beating Retreat ceremony, which originates from a 17 Century British tradition, happens three days later, signalling the end of festivities."

Why bother putting on the parade?

Why provide education and do commerce in English?

Why retain the Gurkha troops?
Why retain the Gurkha troops?
The Gurkha are from Nepal.

"Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from a US talk show after saying the Holocaust involved 'two groups of white people'."
She's tangled herself up good and proper, dismissing the holocaust as merely white guys killing white guys. By the rules she lives by, she needs to be cancelled and professionally destroyed.

Now we also find, Neil Young has made disparaging comments about the gay community in the 1980s - as disease carrying vectors unfit to serve you in the grocery store. Again, by the morality he lives by...

And Joni Mitchell has cultural appropriation issues - including stereotypical racist black pimp fantasies and blacking up - rules you live by, baby.

For me, I don't need to listen to Heart of Gold, Harvest Moon or Coyote and Yellow Taxi ever again. Ohio still a good track but the rest of their catalogue, I can do without.

The Chinese are censoring a show for LGBT moments that in recent years has been criticised for being too white, heterosexual and not diverse enough to reflect the cosmopolitan nature of New York City.

Censor must be laughing when he/she collected their pay cheque.

Hasn't the Super Bowl always been happening during February?

"Yet adapting Agatha Christie as mass 21st-Century entertainment is not without its complications: they are products of the time they were written in, the mid-20th Century, and arguably reflect some unsavoury attitudes not least when it comes to racism, xenophobia and colonialism. The question is therefore: how do you translate and update Agatha Christie – or not – for the modern age?"

Let's rewrite a detective novel so the characters die equitably.

”the joke is that the protagonist’s fictional novels are coming true. Loretta wrote a bunch of frankly silly stories channeling ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark‘ — and Alan dressed up as the main, shirtless character. Now, suddenly, they’re living the story: climbing cliffs, building fires and dodging bad men. Loretta and Alan just need to get out of the States, and they can be different, bigger people, in a more exciting landscape. That colonial fantasy is mostly true: The world is there for you, if you’re the white citizen of a superpower; you just need to go out and inhabit it.”

“Nonetheless, the vestiges of appropriation are hard to get rid of. The main local character Rafi (played by Héctor Aníbal) gets his own mini-arc, but the story isn’t about him. His country and his heritage still mostly serve as a setting for some white Americans’ growth, excitement, danger and sexy flirtation.”

Are you f@cking kidding me? You just said it is a fictional movie with a fictional writer channelling adventurist Indiana Jones tales. Do we need to really care whether fictional fantasy is diverse?

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