Protests Across The Globe

Anti-Trans protests at a drag show in San Antonio, last night.


"The anti-Covid spending, combined with a crisis in the crucial real estate industry, is believed to have left provincial governments in financial distress and looking for ways to cut costs."

If only they didn't blow all their government money on coronavirus...

I'm surprised they're allowed to do this. The Russian embassy in Montreal sent out third party security to deal with a recurring protestor.

If it was the Chinese embassy in Britain the diplomatic staff just come out themselves to deal with it.

"Crowds have even been filmed calling for the fall of the president, with chants such as 'Long live Syria and down with Bashar al-Assad' echoing those of 2011 pro-democracy uprising that descended into civil war.

Some protesters have also been taking place in neighbouring Deraa province, where the 2011 uprising began but which was retaken by the government seven years later."

Just when everything was okay and he was welcomed back to the Arab League of Nations...


Protest on my block. Should I be concerned about the Roman salute?

Right wing fascists alongside Arab Muslims in their common hatred for Jews.

And I thought two months ago when I saw a Trump 2020 white man and a woman in a burqa protesting against modern LGBTQ sex education programmes was bizzare enough.

"A protester is heard asking Baldwin, 'You work for Hollywood, do you condemn Israel?'

'You’ve already made up your mind … every question you’ve got, right?' Baldwin replied. 'I’m in Hollywood’s pockets, you said? You ask stupid questions. Ask me a smart question! Ask a smart question!' as he pushed his body into that protester."

You would think if someone keeps getting periodically floated for charges because of Rust you would keep a low profile to show judges you're an upstanding citizen.


"'He is said to have called Central Asians and Caucasians, who make up most of Russia's migrant population, 'black people', considered a derogatory term in Russian."

Caucasians are little better than animals to Russians.

"Farmers are asking for guaranteed floor prices - also known as minimum support price or MSP - which allows them to sell most of their produce at government-controlled wholesale markets, or mandis. They are also demanding that the government fulfil its promise of doubling farmers' income."

Support the common man Modi.

"The farmers are angry at what they say is the slow death of working the land, killed off by red tape and competition from cheap imports made in countries that don't have the EU's relatively high standards."

Let us use herbicides! Let us burn diesel!

"He said that he spent around an hour waiting across the road from the art gallery with a group of around 50 other guests.

He said they were eventually ushered through a narrow side door, as police held back protesters. Once inside the building, the guests were told not to leave, until after the event was cancelled around 8 p.m."

Interestingly across the street from the gallery is the Italian embassy (which weirdly is in Chinatown).

Genocide Trudeau!

"The German Train Drivers' Union (GDL) is demanding a reduction in the working week from 38 to 35 hours, without a pay cut, which Deutsche Bahn has refused."

Less work. Same pay!

"At Lufthansa, the Ver.di union - which represents some 25,000 airline ground staff - is demanding a 12.5% pay rise or at least €500 (£426)) more per month. The union also wants an inflation compensation bonus of €3,000.

The airline has offered to increase pay by 10%, after it announced on Thursday that its profits had doubled in 2023 to €1.67bn from €791m in 2022."

I predict a 2.5% gap with some other perks will be resolved.

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