Ridiculous Stories In The News

Happy to donate if she promises to sterilize herself so it's a one-time contribution and not something that recurs every few years when another one pops out of her.
Maybe he knew he died days ago. Cosmic connection between father and son.

"On Wednesday, regional airline Piedmont was fined $15,625 (£12,285) by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for the death of a ground crew worker six-months earlier in a similar incident in Alabama."

$15K for getting chewed up by an airplane engine. Good to know.

"On Wednesday, regional airline Piedmont was fined $15,625 (£12,285) by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for the death of a ground crew worker six-months earlier in a similar incident in Alabama."

$15K for getting chewed up by an airplane engine. Good to know.
latest reports say it was suicide

Tourist dies trying to drink all 21 cocktails on bar menu​

A tourist holidaying in Jamaica has died after attempting to drink all 21 cocktails on a bar’s drinks menu, an inquest has heard.

The family has since expressed outrage and dissatisfaction with the emergency crews who tried to save him in his hotel, claiming they were unprepared to effectively take care of him

I hope they didn’t make the surviving family pay for the drinks.

"The caretaker came up from behind without saying anything. He put his hands down my trousers and inside my underwear.

"He groped my bottom. Then, he pulled me up - hurting my private parts. For me, this is not a joke. This is not how an old man should 'joke' with a teenager."

"That handful of seconds was more than enough for the caretaker to make me feel his hands on me."

The rule should be changed to 5 seconds.

"'You can't go on the internet and watch videos on how to live off the grid, and then actually do it, if you have no experience,' Mrs Jara told the Colorado Springs Gazette. You just can't do that. They died of starvation because they weren't prepared.'

It appears they attempted to construct a shelter, but had given up as winter arrived and instead spent time inside their tent, he told AP News.

'I wonder if winter came on quickly and suddenly they were just in survival mode in the tent,' Mr Barnes said.

'They had a lot of literature with them about outdoor survival and foraging and stuff like that. But it looked like they [bought supplies] at a grocery store.'"

That's one way of getting away from everyone.

"According to the suit, the baby got stuck during delivery, but St. Julian delayed a surgical procedure and failed to seek help quickly. Instead, she applied 'ridiculously excessive force' on the baby’s head and neck to try to deliver it, attorney Roderick Edmond, who is also a physician, said.

The cesarean section removed the baby’s legs and body, but the head was delivered vaginally, according to Edmond.

Their attorneys also accused Southern Regional staff of trying to cover up the decapitation by discouraging the couple from getting an autopsy, encouraging them to have their son cremated and wrapping and propping his body to make it appear the head was still attached."

Better not to read when eating..

"While the reactions from the children shown vary, many are seen crying or looking upset and stunned. In some instances, the child walks away, but other kids egg the parent back. The hashtag had more than 670.7 million views as of Tuesday."

Such wonderful parents.

"Anyone driving a diesel car or truck built before 2015, or a gas-powered vehicle made prior to 2006, will have to pay £12.50 per day.... The fee applies all day every day, except Christmas, and the fine for non-compliance is £180."

"Mr. Khan has insisted that the vast majority of cars on the road are already ULEZ compliant. The city has also increased the amount it will pay people to scrap old cars – up to £2,000 per vehicle – and officials have said that all money raised from the ULEZ program goes toward improving public transit."

Isn't it easier to just pay the fines than spend 2 thousand quid to properly get rid of your vehicle?
Tired of checking your email? This man went a year without going online

"Rosenberg says friends and family tried to persuade him to put his project 'on hold' as pandemic-related lockdowns were starting. While he says he did consider taking their advice, he went ahead with his plan. Initially, he says he felt like he was missing out on Zoom calls to stay in touch with people, but that soon waned.

For Rosenberg, communicating with others involved making phone calls and writing letters."

He missed out on all the case numbers, lockdown announcements, and 'we're doomed!' infection rates.

That said my brother's kid was sending cards to his day care friends. It would have been nice of them (save one exception) to reply to a 3 year old.

You gave up The Daily Show for this?....okay.

"'There's a bicycle fighting with a taxi driver,' he yelled frantically down a crackly phone line to the show's hosts.

'The driver I'm with doesn't know where we're going,' he recalled. 'So I jump out of the car, said I'm gonna run.'

'While I'm running people are in the street - listening to your show - [are] hooting and shouting 'Trevor it's the other way! You're going the wrong way, Trevor!'

'Then one guy decides to stop. He doesn't just point, he stops the car. He says 'Trevor, get in.'

'Then he took me to the wrong building!' Noah roared in exasperation. He was finally spotted by a staff member, who took him to the studio, where Noah was greeted to cheers and applause."
We went through peak Styleforum and this is the result? Those final Gen X and old Millennials didn't do a good job.
You can listen to SF Big Daddies and learn how to dress, according to the Style Rules, to impress other weirdo #menswear Internet denizens and iGents or you can listen to your female friends and learn to dress to get laid.

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