Roe vs. Wade Overturned By The Supreme Court. No more abobo's in religious land.

Americans are inspiring the world...

“'I do think we’re moving a step towards making abortion unthinkable and illegal,' she said. 'Since Roe v. Wade, we’ve a lot more people getting in touch saying, ‘What can I do?’'

The goals of groups like Vaughan-Spruce’s are modest compared to those of their American counterparts. Anti-abortion rights groups realize that banning abortion in the U.K. would be, at least in the short term, nearly impossible."
My position has been clear: I am against late term abortion for other than medical reasons and abortion as a rite of passage/alternative to effective contraception is a horrid and unethical way to market it to young women. That's my personal opinion.

i wonder, what "restriction" would a headless child fall under?
GOP coming in to push Federal bans:

Given Texas’ Stasi bounties, this is a bold and dangerous move:

Could be a moot (or mute, as our dearly departed would say) point, with the GOP in DC pushing a federal ban.

Washington Owns Your Body might be a catchy slogan though.
I would stay out of this one, but my opinions will anger everyone regardless of their stance on this matter, so that's a good reason to post.

When I saw the decision the first thing I thought was 'Imagine giving a shit about this.' Not about the matter of abortion itself, which is an important one, but about the decision. 'Imagine giving a shit' applies wherever you stand, from point of conception life on one side to fourth trimester killing on the other.

It's so obviously theatre to keep the mongs sedated I feel embarrassed commenting on it. I do understand that the matter arouses strong passions, which is why I have expressed myself as delicately and as sensitively as I can.

But left or right, ask yourself - why has the system done this now? What purpose does it serve?

And yes, this is a system decision.

Abortion is not important any more - if you doubt that, look up the trend in the US since the early 80s, which I believe was the peak. The period since the original decision (which even Ginsburg, obviously a supporter, stated was a pile of crap) has served it's purpose, which was never anything to do with women's rights, reproductive health, autonomy or any of the other bollocks they claim.

Now that the job is done, they hand a meaningless victory to the right, whom they desperately need to re-engage with the system, and re-energise the left.

And so the whole shitty farce keeps on rolling.
Just to be clear - on the national scale, what effect do people, right or left, do people think this will have on the number of abortions carried out?

Why is the right celebrating? Why is the left enraged?


"Hawkins is also more outspoken, more outwardly conservative, on other abortion-related issues. She opposes exceptions for rape and incest. And she opposes several forms of birth control, including oral contraceptives, a position another anti-abortion leader privately called 'unhelpful'."

"But Hawkins and others are exploring ways to bypass both public opinion and political resistance, Zieger said. One, perhaps the most feasible, would be to ask the conservative-leaning Supreme Court to recognise foetal personhood under the Constitution."

All life is precious.

"Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a letter to three hospitals where Ms Cox's doctor has admitting privileges. In it, he threatened to prosecute anyone who is involved in providing an emergency abortion to Ms Cox, saying that he believes she failed to prove she qualifies for one."

20 weeks pregnant. Fatal abnormality in fetus. Possible complications and infertility for the mother.

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