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For the things people say that twist your brain...

A Canuker called me a Dainty Little House Wife...

Colleague was on the phone with a customer earlier today. When he was getting ready to hang up, he said.."Happy Monday!"
WTF! I am NEVER happy on a Monday!
Ummmmmm this guy added me on Google+ something I never use. No idea who this guy is. I'm kinda creeped out.


I know that guy. Rapey McVannington.

Sweet 'stache, Rapey. Rockin' it.
I use the google+. I find I get a lot of unsolicited requests from rapey looking people. Not sure if that's because I'm a criminal defense attorney or because rapey looking people flock to my natural presence.

little bit of column A, little bit of column B
Out with A Canuker for his buddys birthday the buddys wife keeps telling me my cleavage looks great tonight
I didn't actually mean to create a tag. It's just that I was posting at the same time as you, but you posted first. So it looked like my question was directed at you, which was weird. So I edited to add the @LC.

So why add the fake tag and not a real one?
Out with A Canuker for his buddys birthday the buddys wife keeps telling me my cleavage looks great tonight

Pics of cleavage or :gtfo:


Heaven forgive me for not understanding why you hang out with all of us degenerates, let alone go and post something like that here.

...that things will be okay irregardless.

:mustresist-29: :rage-73:

and after all the back and forth about dutch v/ german pronunciations and general linguistic speaking...
I suppose. I just always assumed SF (or here) were fashion forums first, then all the extras.

Either way, always nice for some input from the better half.
OMFG Papal Infallibility WTF? Putting nails into candles, because you just don't have enough reminders of JC hanging around in your church? *sigh*
I don't think I've ever had a happy Monday.

"I don't like Mondays; this livens up the day."

~Brenda Ann Spencer, 1978

She asked for a rifle at 16, she opened fire on the elementary school across the street.

edit: Shit, I just realized that was a pretty weird comment to post.
every monday is a happy monday. If you don't like how you spend your week, then do something different for a living.
No one is willing to pay me to drink all day.

It appears you could use a little more Sportbook Cash. I'll give you $200 fake money if you shirk all responsibilities on Thursday (give or take a day) and provide evidence that you have been drinking heavily (I'll assume you know what I'm talking about) for 8 or more hours straight. I don't care which day or drink you pick but it must begin at 10 A.M. Eastern.

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