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Anyone like these? I own one, but it's from American Apparel and the armholes are ridiculously high, even for my T. Rex arms. J. Crew has a few for sale and I'm contemplating pulling the trigger on one.

(Thus concludes my mandatory monthly post about clothing)
I never got around to owning one, but always liked the simple blue and white stripe and this multi-stripe that LL Bean used to carry. They looked neat and summery. People have different opinions on the actual feel of the fabric.
That's definitely what I have in mind when I think about it.

I waffle on the idea a lot, so I'm not vehemently opposed. Indeed, this thread has me looking again and trying to convince Mrs. Rambler to take advantage of the current J. Crew sale so I can maybe piggyback a shirt. Still, there's something about them that has always been iffy to me.

FWIW, I recall you posting a pic on Facebook one Easter when you were rocking the seersucker suit, and I was envious of how well you pulled it off. I generally feel costumey when I don the full suit and prefer to wear it as separates, so you may be a more advanced-level seersuckerer than I am and, therefore, better able to make a shirt work.

LOL. The shirt's a lot easier to pull off, in my opinion, and J. Crew has shirts without the traditional blue-and-white pinstripe look.

I'd recommend easing into the suit - it looks best sans tie with a button-down collar (I know, the horror), in my opinion. Wearing it with nice boat shoes and without a tie dresses it down enough so you don't look like you're wearing a costume.
I just parted ways with a blue/white stripe with contrasting white collar, all seersucker from Land's End. It served me very well. I think a seersucker shirt with a tall button down collar like Mercer's would be a great and easy summer piece.
John Lee Pettimore III John Lee Pettimore III when you talk about the JCrew seersucker shirts are you talking about the material itself or the traditional seersucker blue pattern?

I don't see much on the sale except for the short sleeve in navy that seem like a great deal at the moment.

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