Shortages & The Failure of the Supply Chain

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Was curious of what's going on in everyone's particular field. I've been reading more and more stories about shortages of crucial parts and critical infrastructure. This popped up on my radar today

The Brits have a problem with gas, petrol deliveries and shortage of C02 (LOL!).

Just in time is all very well, until it goes wrong.
Thank you, Covid cult! But hey at least we gave a few old people a few more months to live in isolation at home.
Lots of engineering shortages, the construction industry is suffering too.

Not seen any food shortages though, which seems to have got the British press excited.

What do we expect coming out of lockdowns?
The Brits have a problem with gas, petrol deliveries and shortage of C02 (LOL!).

Just in time is all very well, until it goes wrong.
It's the obsession with efficiency, reduces resilience. I've lost count of how many times I've pointed this out to bean counters and the like over the years.
The world is falling apart but when has the world not been on the brink of falling apart?

On the flip side, there is so much hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes, gloves and masks on the shelves these days.

"The transport secretary said there was 'plenty of fuel' and that he had checked with the six refineries and 47 storage centres in the country."

Clearly a fake news campaign is going on...

There is no shortage. Stop buying petrol and there won't be a shortage.

"What you're seeing stresses and strains that are caused by the global economy coming back to life and supply will match demand."

The market economy will fix itself. Capitalism forever.
Speaking to colleague in the UK who's brother works for the Co-Op supermarket chain. He said there's two supermarkets with no shortages of drivers or products in the store. That's the Co-Op and Tesco as they offer relatively good salaries and conditions. In the case of Co-Op for HGV it's a salary of €38,000, plus private medical care and a good pension. You won't have issued of getting labour if you offer that.

In the case of the UK, they've had five years to train enough drivers. There's no excuse only lack of planning and short term greed.
We have about 50 million pediatric Pfizer vaccines in the pipeline … but now wondering if we have enough paediatric syringes and ancillary supplies.
We have vaccines but no refrigerators. We have refrigerators but no syringes. We have syringes but no website for people to book appointments. We have goods in containers but no lorry drivers. I hope people use this as a case study for proper logistical deployments.


Some idiots are buying up paper towels again.

But this is the best news. The company PR people should be shot for letting anyone going on record for this:

"The family-owned firm, famed in Canada for its high-end woodworking tools, kitchen gadgets and gardening paraphernalia, has gone so far as to warn customers to temper their holiday expectations.

'We are now seeing lead times for some products that exceed one year, if our order even gets accepted -- and not all do,' Lee wrote in an email to customers. The retailer is releasing its Christmas catalog 'uncomfortably early' and customers 'can count on many prices increasing,' he wrote. Right now, he expects those increases to be between 5 per cent and 9 per cent. "

There is shooting yourself in the foot to toast your own retail high season for Christmas and then there is shooting yourself in two feet telling customers you might not even see what you order for next year's holiday shopping season.

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