Shortages & The Failure of the Supply Chain


Comes off as a condescending prick
India's rice export ban leads to stockpiling in Canada and around the world

"While India is far and away the world's largest exporter of rice, with more than 40 per cent of international trade in it, their primary concern is maintaining domestic supply, which is why they have had export bans in the past, she says.

'Bans are easy to explain to the public,' she said, 'we're not selling food abroad, we're looking after people at home. It's often a pretty blunt — not necessarily very effective — instrument but it has domestic political capital associated with it.'"

India First.

"n May Vietnam announced plans to limit its own exports to four million tonnes a year by 2030. That's down from more than seven million tonnes a year right now, and it's aimed at "ensuring domestic food security, protecting the environment and adapting to climate change,' the government said in a release."

Vietnam First.
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