Shortages & The Failure of the Supply Chain

India's rice export ban leads to stockpiling in Canada and around the world

"While India is far and away the world's largest exporter of rice, with more than 40 per cent of international trade in it, their primary concern is maintaining domestic supply, which is why they have had export bans in the past, she says.

'Bans are easy to explain to the public,' she said, 'we're not selling food abroad, we're looking after people at home. It's often a pretty blunt — not necessarily very effective — instrument but it has domestic political capital associated with it.'"

India First.

"n May Vietnam announced plans to limit its own exports to four million tonnes a year by 2030. That's down from more than seven million tonnes a year right now, and it's aimed at "ensuring domestic food security, protecting the environment and adapting to climate change,' the government said in a release."

Vietnam First.

"During the summer, tomatoes went from 20 rupees (25 cents) to as much as 100 rupees ($1.25), while onions rose from 30 rupees (35 cents) to 180 rupees ($2.10), stretching families’ budgets to the maximum."

Welcome to the reality of first world countries!

"Experts say unusual rainfall, including deadly floods in the country’s northern regions, together with the effects of El Niño — a periodic natural warming in the Pacific Ocean that causes extreme weather around the world — have raised the prices of almost all groceries."

"To save on vegetables and cooking gas, which has also soared in price due largely to the war in Ukraine, Kumari now cooks the day’s meals all at once in the morning"

Climate change. Ukraine. You forgot China and Covid. The four things that can explain everything in your life.

"Even the family’s two pet rabbits — strays that Rohit adopted four months ago — are feeling the pinch of food inflation, switching to cauliflower after their usual spinach went up three times in price."

I teach you how to butcher a rabbit.

Nooooo...time to stockpile litres of this.

I've noticed store brands are coming out with olive oil "blends". Forget about cold pressed or extra virgin, let's mix some random oil with olive oil.

If only those Iran backed Houthi rebels would stop boarding merchant vessels and firing drones at Israel. Now my low cost made in China furniture won't make it under my Christian tree on time.

"The southern metropolis - once called a pensioners' paradise because of its cool weather and lush gardens - is now more famous as India's info-tech hub where companies like Infosys, Wipro and hundreds of start-ups have plush offices. But years of rapid, often unplanned, expansion have taken a toll, and the city now appears bursting at its seams.

In some apartments, residents' welfare associations have asked people to wash their cars not more than twice a week, use just half a bucket of water to bathe and use half-flush in the toilet.

In the meantime, Ms Pancholi has a question for the city's current and former administrators: Why were buildings constructed before creation of basic infrastructure like providing potable water?'"

Hopefully these tech companies use the cloud so they can suck energy and water for cooling from some place that has plentiful amounts of both.

"The reserve, located in Quebec, is designed to hold 133 million pounds of maple syrup at any given year. But in 2023, the supply fell to 6.9 million pounds (3.1 million kg)."

The strategic maple syrup reserve.

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