Staying Dry in the Wet

Marmot precip - affordable
this is what I had previously. recommended but I wouldn't say it was the best thing ever. did great with rain resistance but makes you sweat like a beast even with the pits unzipped.
I just bought an OR (Outdoor Research) discounted at REI in NYC.
Pit zippers, pockets and hood. Basic colors (I got the green one).

I think its this one:

Interesting. How much did you pay?

Honestly, I'd go Fjallraven or Patagonia.

I second Fjallraven.

If you want something really lightweight, your best bet are the brands that cater to the mountain hunting community, the most prominent of them are probably Sitka and Kuiu.

Fjallraven if you are serious about staying dry in the elements.

It this is just something to leave in the car and use to keep the rain off while you jog in to the restaurant, where you may lose it, then the REI Rainier or Marmot Precip are good sub $100 options that don’t make you look like you are climbing Everest.

Patagonia Torrentshell. A bit heavy

Adidas Terrex Goretex jackets are always on sale and are good. I had one from a few seasons ago and it was light, breathed ok.

Marmot precip - affordable

OR Helium

Funny. I have this jacket(s). Got it in a TKMaxx (TJMaxx for you guys) of all places when I was passing through Munich a few years ago.

I needed something to run in the early hours or knock about and I snagged it. It has been invaluable. In fact, I wore it most of day today -as it has been one downpour after another over here- in btw shuffling to swimming and ball practices and it is light and waterproof.
appreciate the opinions fellas. seems fjallraven has a pretty heavy following. i'll see what the local REI has to try on and report back.
Quick REI results:

Outdoor research no good. Zips on the side go from the pit to the bottom hem. Very stupid.

Patagonia torrentshell best of the bunch. Don’t know if it’s worth $170 but I bought it to try out.

Arctryx seemed very nice but I can’t possibly fathom how it’s $300 more expensive than the Patagonia. Amazingly expensive stuff.

Cotopaxi had no pit zips or ventilation and was very short in length.
Laying around on the couch all day with a fever has led to a deep-dive on ‘London pedo’ Mac coats.🧥

I’ll wait until the fever breaks before doing anything dumb like hitting ‘buy’, because I’m not sure I need a new raincoat. But it’s been fun looking into these from high-end to budget.

If I were to get one, it would probably be this:

A little sleeeker than the rest, it would probably look better when not worn over a heavy suit of knitwear (which I’d rarely do).


The hood ruins the classic lines and simplicity but damn it would be practical (main reason I’m thinking of ditching my Barbour is that it doesn’t have an attached hood).

Moving up a little in quality:


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