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Apocalypse from the new X-Men movie

The new Justice League Gods and Monsters is out on the torrents. Its fucking FANTASTIC. Bruce Timm should never have been allowed to leave as head of DC's animation team. I can't recommend it highly enough to those who like the old style of DC animated or just superhero movies.

Short version - everything's a slightly alternate reality. Superman was raised by Mexican migrants instead of the Kent's. Kirk Langstrom is Batman instead of Man-Bat. Wonder Woman is from another universe. Amanda Waller is president. Lex Luthor is some kind of Robert Oppenheimer style genius. Its really fascinating.
"Suicide Squad" has more of a TV show look. Can't say I'm tempted by the trailer.

Season two of "The Flash", anyone? I found it interesting so far.
In the last Arrow episode they've resurrected Sarah Lance.
Someone's made a TV series out of Ennis and Dillon's "The Preacher" Comic?

Interesting - I wonder what the "Arseface" character will look like on TV?

I'm at work, so I watched it with the sound off (sorry to be difficult).

Isn't the Irish guy the vampire? In the comic, at least, the Irish guy was the wise-cracking vampire.
Its too bad JimmyRustler's not around to discuss this abortion.

Edit - never mind. he's right on schedule over on SF. And, of course, Jr. Mouse is in love with it.
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That looks silly, but at the same time, it looks much, much less silly than Independence Day II.
A little silliness every now and then is ok so long as they don't try to take themselves too seriously. Which isn't going to happen with a big budget movie like Independence Day.

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