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Was with the Thompson Twins at a pop festival in Capel Curig north Wales. They were doing an interview with a television presenter who was not friendly towards them. Afterwards it was decided I would drive them to wherever we were going. I came across two forks in the road, I knew both roads from previous dreams, but not for a long time. We took the low road that took us through town with a high street, but lots of rubble, stones on the street, it was a bouncy ride.

Realised what that other dream was about, I knew last week there was some Chinese stuff, I probably should do a sweep through to ensure they were doing it right as it looked messy. But I didn't have time and yesterday I got stung big time. Such is life.
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I had a dreadful dream about helping taking care of my brother's kids. At some point it was about preventing the younger one from picking up bits of cigarette butts that was stuck on clothing and strewn around home.
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