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Tattoos. Who has 'em? Where? Why? Other thoughts?

Mine, reading "SUM ERGO SUM"
Also, I just read the explanation of HB's tats. Those are fucking sweet.
I have 4, 2 I received when I was 15 and drunk at a party needless ti say they are bad the other 2 I got in my early 20's and are ok
My missus is not a fan, so no additions to the black cat on my left shoulder. I'd probably get something symbolic and fill of meaning to me ... that would look like shite to everyone else.
That's some serious ink. You missed it (the post was redacted), but Harvey Birdman has the sweetest tats, just because of what they symbolize, out of anyone I've seen. I'll let him explain it if he feels so inclined.
You'll have to wait until I get good and drunk again.

So probably about 4:30 this afternoon.
You could just explain the significance of them without having to upload the pictures again.

Seriously. It's fucking balla.
I have always wanted to get some art work done, but I don't think I will be well received by the family. Growing up in China in the late 80's and early 90's, tattoos had some really negative societal stigma and that has really affected the way I view them, but that has changed after moving to the States.

Serious question:
For those who work in a professional field, is it frowned upon if you have visible tattoos? I know if it's on the back or the legs, they can be covered up with clothes.
I guess it would depend on what is visible. I don't think much would be said about a shoulder or legs but the hand, neck or eye? If the shirt cuff covers it and you are worried I'd just not roll up my sleeve.

My gf has a shoulder tattoo and she has to cover it up while rotating at the hospital or in class. I have a few resident friends who always have to wear long sleeve tees under their scrubs to cover their arm tats.

If I were to get one, it would be on my back and huge.
I told my wife I wanted one of the plates of a Rorschach Test on my upper arm. Then when someone asked me what my tattoo was I could say, "Funny you should ask. What does it look like to you?"


She said she'd get a tattoo of divorce papers if I did.

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