Tempus fugit

I used to quite like The Human League and the two young lasses dancing around their handbags. Thirty something years on its not the same



They did look good the pair of them and it was a style, especially the make-up that a lot girls use to emulate. There was a real dressing-up culture back then with the ladies, they really put effort in to look good. It wasn't the same in the 90s.

I downloaded The Human League's Travelogue the other day, some great tracks on the there: Being Boiled, Marianne, Rock 'n Roll/Nightclubbing, Gordon's Gin, Tom Baker.

Yup, tempus fuckit all right.

None of the 1980s superstars have aged well.

That's because it's nearly 40 years ago and now they're all pasty faced like us. Did you catch the David Byrne and Jim Kerr videos I posted the other day? Man, they've aged now and should keep themselves confined to the studio.

One of the problems ageing pop and rock stars have is that the music is associated and perhaps best delivered by youth. No one ever asked The Duke aren't you too old to be on the road 360 days a year:


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