The Biden Presidency

"The $80m is not a loan. It comes from American taxpayers. For the first time in more than 40 years, America is using its own money to send weapons to a place it officially doesn't recognise. This is happening under a programme called foreign military finance (FMF)."

The third war to come...

That's pretty much the visual that came to my mind when I read the original article.

I can't imagine the Austin and Blinken pre-meeting banter if they get into a cabinet meeting room early before the President walks in.

"When it is added to tobacco products, menthol flavoring produces a cooling sensation in the throat. That reduces the harsh taste and irritation of cigarette smoke, essentially making it easier to start smoking and more difficult to stop, experts say."

What if the government mandates putting something that makes you throw up when you smoke? Then you won't smoke. Genius.

"In private conversations, the president has blamed himself for the fact that his son remains such a political target, telling associates it would not be happening if he were not in office and running for another term. Hunter Biden 'comes up all the time,' one source who has spoken with the president said, sometimes out of concern but also with pride at how he has endured the harsh spotlight recently."

Not the first father to pass on ancestral curses to their kids because of their own ambition and pursuits.
Blinken and Mayorkas to press Mexican counterparts to drive down border crossings as Biden faces increasing pressure

Antony Blinken, Alejandro us!


In the NBC report it says he is stepping down because it's an election year. The planet stops burning up during presidential elections? He doesn't think the next administration will keep him on? The man is 80 though. I did read his stamina outpaces his 30 something staff.

I always wondered - the financial institutions that were relying on these people to pay their they get a tax credit or a write off?

These are the options - predicted by me:

Retaliatory strikes in Iran - mostly cruise missiles and maybe drones or Reaper strikes. Maybe Iran shoots down their own passenger jet again. (note to airlines, stop running passenger planes for awhile).

Retaliatory strikes at Iranian allies or assets outside of Iran (Syria, Yemen, etc.) - cruise missiles + bombs delivered by aircraft or even a special forces operation.

Do nothing - and get ridiculed by the other guy on the campaign trail.

We all know President Biden has a thick skin.
My guess: UAVs hit Iranian allies in Syria and maybe Iranian ships in the gulf
I don't think he's at a loss of words. He's just being told by his political minders not to jump the gun and proclaim something that hasn't happened (yet). (a la Putin has to go)

It might have been better if they gave him a script to memorise.
I don't think he's at a loss of words. He's just being told by his political minders not to jump the gun and proclaim something that hasn't happened (yet). (a la Putin has to go)

It might have been better if they gave him a script to memorise.
really? just recently he said he had a conversation with Mitterand but meant Macron. Mitterand had been dead for 26 years when he had this brainfart.

He also recently remarked (2022) on talking to "the guy who invented Insulin". Banting and Best made the discovery in McLeod's lab, which is why Best got screwed out of the Nobel. All three were dead before Biden was born. The only person he possibly could have spoken to was James Collip, who helped refine it, not discover it, and he died in 1965.

He also continues to ask if dead people are in the crowd because he heard they were not realizing they were dead.

He sees dead people.
really? just recently he said he had a conversation with Mitterand but meant Macron. Mitterand had been dead for 26 years when he had this brainfart.

Okay I should have prefaced that for the video Rambo posted he seemed inclined to rein in any over exuberant comments on a ceasefire deal.

These videos tend to go viral on Twitter without any context.

"Right now, the only time Biden gets to be 'Biden' is at his closed-to-the-cameras fundraising events. It’s at these fundraisers that how he talks about Trump in private almost leaks out or where he is blunter about his advice to world leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The efforts this White House makes to keep Biden from being front and center are astonishing at times. It is acting like a White House that fears Biden in any unfiltered settings, and everything it does feels a bit risk-averse and overcalculated right now. For instance, while we can debate whether doing a Super Bowl interview is a good idea or not (do voters want politics with their football?), to me there’s no debate about having America’s commander in chief speak to the nation from the White House about his decision to order military strikes into at least three countries in the Middle East (Iraq, Syria and Yemen) over the last two weeks.

This is a classic prime-time address moment, especially since the situation in the Middle East is so messy and hard to follow. He should be speaking clearly and even using some visuals to help the public understand what he’s doing. "

Oh right - the President usually does a prime time address explaining why they're attacking XYZ. I'm not sure his staff trust him to point at something (the correct thing) on a whiteboard.

"And there’s President Joe Biden’s rhetorical inability put his opponents on the defensive and connect the dots for the public — and in public — about congressional GOP intransigence. Biden’s absence from the public debate has essentially allowed the right to dictate a false narrative, be it about the border, about Ukraine or about the Middle East. As usual, the White House and its allies are hoping someone else does their job for them, whether it’s the media or anti-Trump Republicans, rather than attempt to participate in good old-fashioned speech and debate themselves. "

"...But for this messaging to be effective, the Democrats need a leader to deliver it. Whatever one thinks of the current state of the GOP, it’s clear it has a leader who can deliver an effective message, even if it’s one that undermines the basic functionality of the political system. Can the same be said for Biden?

In fact, the concerns about Biden’s ability to lead clearly hang over the results of the most recent NBC News poll, which features Biden’s lowest job rating of his presidency. The simple fact that voters collectively are more concerned about Biden’s age than Trump’s various legal entanglements shows how much Biden’s public performance (or his perceived inability to perform) is hurting his ability to bring his coalition back together."

Clearly Bidenomics is not sinking in.

I wait for the Mike Pence investigation. Oh wait, that investigation was stopped because Garland didn't appoint a Special Prosecutor.

‘A nightmare’: Special counsel’s assessment of Biden’s mental fitness triggers Democratic panic

“'This is beyond devastating,' said another Democratic operative, speaking on condition of anonymity to talk candidly about Biden’s shortcomings. 'It confirms every doubt and concern that voters have. If the only reason they didn’t charge him is because he’s too old to be charged, then how can he be president of the United States?'"

"Asked if Hur’s report changes the calculus for Democrats who expect Biden to be the party’s nominee, this person said: 'How the f--- does it not?'

Another Biden ally called it 'the worst day of his presidency.'"

What was the point of the press event last night? Do White House aides think putting him up there will debunk this? It seemed very hasty - almost like Biden just wanted to take shots at the press and then there was the Al Sissi Mexico gaffe.

I used to laugh as if it was a dark comedy, but I actually just feel sorry and pity now that a political system gerrymandered these two candidates as the best choices out of 300M+ people.

It's almost like selecting someone from a really really poor cohort for a NBA/NHL/NFL draft or a Super Bowl between two 8-9 teams.

"We have a crazy SOB like that guy Putin, and others, and we always have to worry about nuclear conflict, but the existential threat to humanity is climate."

At least he didn't call him an asshole or say he needed to go (die) or a dictator.

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