The Black Phillip Show - Episode 9

-My status as a human being is only here so we have an even level of meeting place for the pussy. So what men have to do is buy new trucks, keep our credit scores above 700, wear sexy coats, etc. YOU THINK I NEED A SEXY COAT WITH SPARKLES ON IT *****??? I'd wear a paper coat if I could, if it wasn't for what? PUSSY!! It's all just to get a girl to stop in the street and talk to me.

-2 girls one cup: do you know why that shit is sexy? It's not because I hate shit, it's because I hate women!

-Why men hate women: it's because all of the shit we have to go through to get pussy. Pussy is only valuable to the person who's fucking it at the time. Unless you're a porn star, and that's a whole different type of bitch.

-Every day some guy is going to talk to you. Some guy is going to hit on you.

-There's two beautiful women who are shitting in a cup, and you can't say hi??? This is where the resentment is: I have to do all of this shit - car, conversation, personality, sparkly jacket, gotta have good hygiene, make sure my nails are clean, my shoes are clean, all of this shit - so that I can find out that you shit in a cup??? That's what I'm trying to fucking attain to? Is I find out that you'll lick my balls, is why I gotta give you my whole life??? That's what makes a motherfucker look at a chick and go "hey listen, wanna go out?" And she goes "I can't!" And he wants to say "you funky bitch! There's 2 girls who are shitting on each other. And then Throwing up on it!"

-Because we have to fight so hard for it,We hate you when we get pussy. Because we think "you made me go through all this shit for this?" You're gonna walk the streets, not speaking to me because don't want to fuck me, and there's two girls one cup walking around? Do you understand what I'm saying? There's 2 girls 1 cup walking around, and you're some average mess. Some mess that I'm talking to because I think "you know what? I should be able to fuck her right now." I'm actually talking to you because I feel you're beneath me and you should fuck. BUT YOU DON'T!!! You treat me like a beautiful bitch would treat me. And there's beautiful bitches that will shit in a cup.

-When guys say "we hate women" you gotta understand ladies, it's because of your pussy. That's all it is. We don't hate you above that or below that. We hate you because you hold on to such a high level apparatus. That we can't just control. That we have to manipulate out of you. And it makes motherfuckers disgusted and frustrated.

-You're not in a relationship. You like a guy and he likes you. You're not together. He's with you and you're with him. This relationship thing is a farce. Never forget that. If he left you you would still be with him. Your jealousy belongs to me. You can't be jealous unless I let you be jealous. You don't own me. I'm not your property. This is not your territory. I give you territory like the government gives Indians territory. I give it to you or I take it away. It's not yours by right. So when you start thinking "I'm only going to do THIS, because I'm in a relationship!" That's your own bullshit figment of your imagination, like Narnia or the movie where the polar bears talk. That's your little world where you go to feel good about yourself for doing stuff without the label of "I have a boyfriend..." This is why girls don't want to do threesomes, because they don't want to be labeled as a whore.

-We adjust to figure out how to Conquer what we want.

-A bitch not knowing your right will drive you to councilling.

-Being reasonable and not changing your mind? How is that reasonable?

-Bitch politics: a guy says "I wouldn't snitch on my daughter's boyfriend if I saw him cheating on her." That's how we're wired. If my married friend got his dick sucked in an alley, an I saw his wife, I would still say hi to her and give her love. I would NEVER think to say to him "you're not with your wife any more?" "are you sure you should be enjoying this?" "That's not right..." If a girl goes to another girl and says " hey, can I get that number to that dude?" The other girl would go "you're not with your man any more? Did you all break up? What happened??? Why did you all break up?" The first girl would never say "bitch, I'm trying to get some side dick! What is wrong with you???" That's what the fuck is wrong with girls.

-You're not arrogant with a philosophy. You're just arrogant to be arrogant. That's why men don't like you.

-You got issues disguised as this chick that's got it together, but you're a fucking sociopath. You got shitting in a cup in your future. Because you're an ass licker and a girl fucker. You're a faggot and a shitmouth.

-You're trying to say you have this philosophy about how you do things, but logically, it doesn't work across the board. The issues are relatable. And that's the problem with women - they don't relate. That's why you need to come up with analogies to make somebody who's thick headed and won't change their mind, to make it make sense.

-She thinks she's good, but you're not. All you're really doing is not answering questions, like girls do. You think you know how to operate on this high level, but you don't. What You know how to do is deflect. You're a great deflector, bit so is every other woman. It's transparent. You want to be this cool chick who people think different of, but you're even worse. And don't say you don't care because YOU DO!

-Here's Why women go "FUCK YOU IM NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS ANY MORE!" Because you're afraid to lose what you have with him. Because you're afraid to lose what you have with him. The rethink is a step towards understanding that your philosophy is bullshit in the first place.

-Being reasonable but not changing your mind? That's being reasonable? You're not even taking it in to be able to change.

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