The `Dandy Doctor'

Sammy Ambrose

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Yes, Jason Jules looks good and dandyish in these fashion pictures:

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But I think he dresses more like this in his real life:

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Not bad, but certainly not the portrait of a dandy.
Interesting. In the 'real life' pics he looks dreadful.

I only know about Jason J because JFM used to plug him in return for his plugging of JFM.

So, by the definition of dandyism that we've been referring to so far, JJ is not a Dandy. And that suggests that there is no such thing as a Dandy and only a dandy look, which I think is the argument put forward by Sauce and P. Smith and others.

This is in opposition to Shooman's view I believe. So, come in Shooey. It's your turn again to come up with a workable definition of the being Dandy for 2021.
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