The Elite: It's a Big Club and You're Not in it

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Rambo Rambo - Have you read Thomas Piketty's books - particularly his newish one, "Capital and Ideology"?

Interesting that he regards Sweden in the early and middle 20th century very highly, they were big into eugenics and sterilizing individuals at the time.

This sounds good: ''The idea is to use a progressive tax on wealth in order to finance [a] capital transfer to every young adult at the age of 25. This transfer is in effect, 120,000 euros [about $134,000] per person, [which is] about the level of medium wealth today in France or in the U.S.'' There are similar systems in a number of Persian gulf states.

How will you manage those who miss out on this windfall because they were born a year to late?

And his proposal, being universal, will be transferring Euro 120,000 into the hands of extremely wealthy footballers and the children with large trust funds. Why should they get this money, whilst a 30 year old sub-Saharan immigrant working as a cleaner gets nothing? They surely deserve a slice of the cake.

The trick is to raise the standards of living to the extent where wealth disparity doesn't matter. That's the reality the Marxists and socialists can't grasp.

The old adage remains: Is it better to be a millionaire, or live like one?


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