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Gives Off Rather Strong Cop Vibes
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Post your pics, questions, advice or wants. I'll start with a few already on my phone:
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image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg The SBS 870 is still at my Class 3 dealer - I'm almost 6 months in to my NFA tax stamp wait.

The Rockola M1 is a present for my dad that just arrived on my doorstep yesterday. My first C&R transfer.
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I will post my stuff asap.

How does the AUG shoot?

I was introduced to the Steyr AUG/Austeyr F88 back when they first came into service in the Australian Army. So, getting one here in the US was like being reunited with an old friend. It may not be as much fun to shoot as some of my other rifles, but it is still the one I feel most comfortable with and am most familiar with. I don't pretend to be a great marksman these days, thanks to my rapidly deteriorating eyesight, but I have no worries ringing the 6" steel plate consistently at 300 yards.

I'll add a few more pics of some other firearms next time I'm on my home computer, though I have significantly reduced my collection to a handful of firearms that I shoot fairly regularly.
001 (2).jpg

Three rounds at 25 yards, prone unsupported. Remington 597-HB in .22LR with stock heavy barrel, Volquartsen target hammer, and TS100 aperture sights. I've got bigger pieces locked away but this is my go-to varmint gun.
IMGP3759.JPG IMGP5514.JPG PatriaS12Left02.JPG PatriaRPK74Left_Crouch02.JPG
Class III stamps after paperwork in almost if not over a year here.
Dropbear Dropbear what is your take on gas piston vs DI? I think if I go blackout with a suppressor and subsonic ammo it makes sense to go with a gas piston, right? No one wants cycling issues.

My first stamp took about 4 months, though I'm anticipating about 7 months for this one, with the post-election rush.

I'm not really a big AR guy, to be honest, though I'd agree that a gas piston system should be more reliable when suppressed.

A couple of pics of my old 12gauge Iz-109, AKS74 and RPK74 and a mate's ALS74U
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Do you like the AK platforms because of the gas piston, bullet size, or comfort?

I like 5.45 because it is (was?) cheap. I like AKs because they are south-paw friendly and kinda exotic/interesting/cool history. So, my reasoning is less about general functionality than fun.
If you got about a quarter mil laying around I can probably locate an M 134 mini for you. Of course you'll need lots of paperwork and I'm sure several visits from the ATF will be in your future as well.

No problem. But I want one that was really on a helicopter. I don't want the paint gun.
No problem. But I want one that was really on a helicopter. I don't want the paint gun.

So one of these:

Strapped to one of these:

I'm working on it but the udders on the dildo-gun-baby are giving me fits and the ostrich is freaking out.
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Most of these new guns depress me very much--ugly creations of stampings, black paint and plastic.

The other day I was re-rereading James J. Grant's classic Single-Shot Rifles, published in 1946. In the introduction, he drops this gem: "Like most real gun lovers, I have no affection for nor patience with military arms. Their crudities have no place among the fine techniques of gunmakers anywhere." Amen, Amen!
Interesting that several SF regulars using totally different user names are making their identities abundantly clear in this thread.
Another Darwin candidate....

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... and real men drink Carlsberg.

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I dont have enough context to know if this is impressive, but it certainly seems so.

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Jesus Christ, a 9x19mm round is in no way accurate past 50 yards, tops. I understand these guys are expert shooters but that's just fucking crazy. 130 meters? No one should shoot a pistol at that range. No one. Period.

Dude, I think he was shooting at 300 meters range.
I think he started at 130, then 200, then 300.

Either way, no reasonable shooter would engage a target 3 football fields out. I mean, I've done it for fun at the target range with a RIFLE, but it's completely irresponsible with a pistol at that range.

EDIT - I don't think I've ever shot a pistol past 100 yards. What's the point?


And yes, it's very impressive, for range shooting. But that's just irresponsible in real life. DIY back me up.

Ya, I agree. You'd never use a pistol for range like that.
I have a sneaking suspension I am getting a very nice shotgun for Christmas. I need it, too. I was at the club yesterday and I sucked it!

I am in dire need of a Purdey bird gun, but I don't foresee anyone ponying up six figure to help me out.
Went shooting last weekend. Nothing special. Just pistols at the local indoor range. Surprised my dad by doing better than he anticipated.
Scope bite. Took it like a man.

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