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As an avid shooter and gun enthusiast I thought we could talk anything firearm related here.
Leitmotif Leitmotif If you need places to train I can refer you to a bunch that won't cost and arm and a leg. What you really need id to focus on fundamentals. Once those fundamentals are ingrained in you head starting taking tactical classes or shoot competitions.
Two different animals but you can become a better shooter for sure.
Another thing that's overlooked in the tactical world is shooting skeet and sporting clays. It will help your game , in my opinion.
doghouse doghouse Thanks!
Has anyone had experience with the STI EAGLE 2011 ? It's my next hand gun to buy.
I am not a huge fan of the 1911 platform but this gun should help me on the score board in competitions.
I am European, we dont shoot. but when I was doing my National Service I shot a pistol, (I dont remember the make, Astra) a 5.56 CETME ( ,a 7.92 MG42 and a bazooka. Also a small machine gun used by La Guardia Civil. I also shot a M16. I was crap at shooting. Especially the pistol, there is no way I could hold it with one hand look at shoot.

I dont have any interest in shooting again.
At least you can say you shot a gun.

The world shotgun tourney is in Italy this year.
i love shooting

a friend invited me to try out all the stuff the russian army offers
just gotta find a free (and sober) weekend...
a friend invited me to try out all the stuff the russian army offers.

image.jpg It's true, I love modern Russian PSO and collameter optics. Getting ready to hit the 300 yard range tomorrow:
Dropbear Dropbear That looks fun!
Rain Man Rain Man , favourite weapon you've used?
Does requesting an AC-130 count? Because that's way the fuck up there on my boner-inducer list.

Other than that, the 240 Lima; a lighter-weight, short-barreled 7.62mm belt-fed machine gun that we just got recently. My absolute favorite thing in the whole Army. I instruct on the 240 and the Lima makes me want to go "Squee!" whenever I snuggle up to it. Polymer grip, adjustable stock, titanium receiver. Shoots like sex on skis.

I also took a fighting tomahawk class at Ft. Bragg that was pretty cool. Let's just hope it never comes to having to use it, though. Because, ick.
Holy shit, the AC-130 is the thing I saw in Lone Survivor at the end, god damn that was some military porn. I am fascinated by the A10-Warthogs and the 'fart of freedom' and/or watching the videos of JDAMs being dropped, Cot damn!
Never even heard of the Lima, just looked it up.
Pretty much all guns look cool to me, I've only fired an M&P9 and a Glock 17.
I just watched some videos on the AC-130, that thing isn't even fair. You get to be way the hell up in the sky, shooting vulcan cannons from a flying fortress, c'mon.
I just watched some videos on the AC-130, that thing isn't even fair. You get to be way the hell up in the sky, shooting vulcan cannons from a flying fortress, c'mon.
Hey, all I do is make helpful suggestions.

And if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, you deserve to lose.
I always thought jdams were gps guided, not laser guided.
image.jpeg My 12 gauge IZ109 in AK74 furniture. Never could get it to cycle the US made 8rd mags reliably. Sold it three years ago. I occasionally think about doing a similar AKS project with a Vepr12.
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I'll take pics of some of my other regular carry rigs when I get home, but this is the back-up I keep locked in my vehicle. I like kydex OWB paddle-style holsters. Easy to slip on and off while sitting in a car., comfortable and discreet. I chose the blue thinking it would be more denim coloured, but it's still ok for a concealed carry back-up.
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Here's a Bladetech OWB kydex paddle holster set to a 15 degree cant for my little P238 .380. I'll reach for this over IWB almost every morning for pure comfort and security. I rarely carry a spare mag, but if I do its in a clip-on kydex horizontal mag pouch.

image.jpeg P238, if you don't know it. This pic taken after I replaced the factory trigger with an aluminium version I made.
Is a "pistol" range different than a regular gun range?

Indoors, 15 yards maximum, no steel cased, magnum or high powered ammo. Airconditioned, convenient, nice pro shop, professional staff and a good cafe. But a far cry from sweating outdoors on the 300 yard line while the RO yells abuse at some potatoe who didn't lock his action open on ceasefire.

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