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A better place?

Sadly, I doubt it. Human nature is such that, even if Mikhail Kalashnikov had not created his eponymous assault rifle, someone else would have created something similar.

After all, (as I'm sure you know) Kalashnikov based his initial design for the AK-47 on the German StG-44 and one or two semi-auto rifles (the US M1, perhaps?) so it wasn't a new idea.
image.jpeg image.jpeg Did a little right sizing this month: sold my two Sigs and bought a 9mm EMP for my car safe. I'm sticking my John Mosses Browning's single action autos from now on.
Not sure if this goes in IDF Southpaw M16A1 'Menusar' Rifle Appreciation or Ass Appreciation thread, but I like it!

IMG_0689.JPG I've really grown to like the mis-sized EMP. It nicely fills the gap between a concealed carry P238 and a 1911 or Hi Power locked away. I actually keep mine locked in the car with a kydex paddle holster for days when work takes me to an unplanned visit to a sketchy scene.

My sole complaint with the one I have is that the tritium in the front sight burns noticeably fainter than the rear. I would be ok if it were reversed, but a brighter rear sight is slowing me down a fraction when I shoot indoor IDPA.

SA just released a new version with an optic fibre front and Trijicon rear. Also has a black finish like the frame. I contacted SA to see how much the want for the slide, rather than just replacing the sights with Mepros as I'd originally planned.
Atlantic are offering a special dealer loyalty price on the Zenith MP5 clone that's too good to pass. I think I'll order it, file for a stamp and then try to forget about it for the rest of the year.
Decided to give my air rifle, .22 and clothing to the club, as I'm not active any longer. The chairman would not let me! Instead we agreed that they could use it as their own.
Tried to sell it, the .22 has a really good barrel. But the elites these days are apparently not into winning.
I did a Three Gun Match on Sunday that was a lot of fun. I came in fifth in pistol but my shotgun score pulled me right off the leader board. All good fun.

Next weekend there’s a series of IDPA shoots I want to register for. I plan to do one with my GP35 for a competitive score and another in the ‘back-up gun’ class - actually the pistol I carry with me most work days. I’m not looking for trophies and prizes, but the public scrutiny makes things real and cuts through the rangetime excuses.
Zombie Wednesday!

Seriously? No posts in 8 months? Clearly we have too many Euros on DW.

Early birthday gift for Mrs. Thruth to blast rattlers mit custom holster

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.49.14 PM.png

output.jpg 5227-MMS-1531335252523-attachment1-output.jpg
one or twice year.

I used to load snakeshot into a .45acp and shoot watersnakes on the lake. It’s harder than most people realize!

I’ve been invited to the US Marshall’s tactical shooting academy for a couple days cross-training next year. I’m excited!
My relamped tritium. I’ve never seen a set of sights glow this bright before!
I just put in my leave request. We’re going wild boar hunting in Feb. Archery and rifles.
I just got word that Gun World, the magazine I edited for my last 11.5 years in the business, had been killed by the parent company. I'm not altogether surprised. They had some rather strange articles toward the end, including one rating various brands of instant coffee (in a gun magazine!). The magazine had gone through four editors in the eight years since I left. I didn't read the magazine, obviously didn't care for the editorial direction it had taken, but I still can't help feeling a little melancholy at its passing--it had been around for almost 60 years.
Are any of the magazines doing well? I used to see Recoil in the supermarket before they refused to sell all shooting magazines- it looked like the GQ of the field.

My subscription to Shotgun News expired two years ago.... and it’s still delivered every week. I figure they make money from the ads and subscription money is just a bonus, now.
Please tell me it wasn't a sponsored article from those twats at Black Rifle Coffee Company. Yes, they put out some funny videos, but their coffee is shite and they are obnoxious, awful people.

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