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Regarding the coffee article, there was no suggestion, as I recall, that it was sponsored, and I don't recollect the Black Rifle Coffee Company having been mentioned. The subtitle was "The caffeinated warrior," and the premise was that in a doomsday scenario you may have to forego grinding your own choice roasts and make do with instants. The author said that he drank three or four pots a day. To my mind that is drug addiction, pure and simple.

As to the matter of gun magazines doing well, I was given a recent issue of Guns & Ammo that had their publisher's statement about circulation in it. Back when I was on staff at G&A in the 1980s, a good month would be 150,000+ on the newsstand, a great month about 180,000, a dreadful month, 135,000. We typically had about 450,000 subscribers. In the recent publisher's statement, G&A had about 350,000 subscribers, and newsstand was down to less than 25,000. For those who don't know the magazine industry, you normally don't make any money on subscriptions, they are only useful as a tool for selling advertising.
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Just finished cleaning up after a morning at the range. I’m surprised me skills are still sharp given how little I shoot these days.

There was another group on the range shooting a select fire AK and AR. The later started activating some old sense memories, which definitely added to the experience.
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