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Comes off as a condescending prick
USA beat Germany today 4-3 in their Centenary game.

Neymar was just recently bought by Barcelona to pair with Messi in attack.

Monaco, recently promoted to Ligue 1 in France, is spending the big dollarinees and bought Falcao, João Moutinho, and James Rodriguez from Atlético Madrid and Porto respectively. Going to go up against PSG for "biggest petrodollar-assembled team."

Mourinho has officially gone back to Chelsea.

Gonzalo Higuaín, one of the last of the "one-club" style players has come out and said he's played his last game for Real Madrid, and I can't blame him. He's been consistently productive (outscoring both Ronaldo and Benzema in various seasons over the last 4 years), but overlooked by the RM hierarchy, and now he's probably off to Juventus.

The Confederations Cup is beginning June 15, a pre-tournament to prep the WC sites in Brazil a year before the World Cup. Spain announced it's final 23-man roster today, and Xabi Alonso has not made the cut. Sad. Favorite player of mine.


Here, we discuss the greatest sport in the world.

Beckham still holds it as greatest long-ball player ever for me. What a foot.

Messi and Ronaldo are beyond-amazing players. But seeing things like this from Ronaldinho was what first turned me on to the game. Some of the moves he makes just seem inhuman, and his close control was second to none.
I'm surprised England drew Brazil. I wasn't expecting any points. But this will likely be deceptively encouraging like the Euros.
FWIW, Hodgson hasn't lost a game in like 17 matches (except for when penalties are involved)
Hope Mexico fall victim to Jamaica tonight and that craphole of a pitch they play on in Kingston.
Look who's back bitches

So that accidental post on the Premiership website was not accidental at all.
There was this great pic in the Guardian years ago when he was at Chelsea the first time where he gives the opposing fans the V-sign (i.e., the bird). I had that on my bulletin board forever. Sadly I can't find it on the Internetz.

After this video was shot, Wenger gave an interview offstage where he said that they were young players but showed good spirit throughout.
Portugal moves to top of their group w/ the win against Russia.

Argentina with a 100% legit goal called off by the worst referee I've seen in South America. Pathetic. Now going to draw w/ Columbia off a crap call.
Higuaín almost to Arsenal. Rejoice, oh ye Gunners for a drastically undervalued forward.

Also, apparently Mourinho is eager to clear out any Spanish influence at Chelsea, and is looking at selling Mata to RM. Would not be opposed to that. Thought he was gone for good when he left Valencia.
The game was spectacular. Best performance by the USMNT since Klinnsman took over - maybe even since I started getting into the game. Was almost surreal.
I have to say I am not a Klinnsman fan at all, but good Lord the team looked good. I was also really impressed by crowd singing and chanting. It looked like a good time.
Ronaldo to United? Where would that leave Rooney? Reckon they would keep Van Persie as top striker.
Those people in Seattle love football and soccer. I'd love to go to a match out there.

Oh yeah - the crowd was completely unhooked. It was fantastic.

It's insane. Soccer is the only sporting event I enjoy in Seattle. A week ago today I got invited to the Mariners/Yankees game in one of the private club boxes, shitty food, shitty team, shitty company... free booze. Not a total loss but I would have rather been in the cheap seats for a soccer game than the VIP section for baseball. Actually, I would always take the cheap seats at a soccer game here, that's where the action is.
Is the UK press covering how he will be back under Moyes for the first time since leaving Everton? I think that is kind of interesting, but I haven't seen it written about much...
What an opening cracker of a shot from Neymar to kick off the ConfedCup.

Still vastly overrated (until he proves anything at Barça), but that was a fun little run of play.
Hope not. It would be great if Man Ure were stuck with the fat Scouse granny-hooker-shagger.


Don't you read the websites of the UK press and television? There's been lots of discussion about Moyes keeping Rooney or not. Rooney paid Moyes substantial libel damages following the publication of his autobiography.

Must have missed it. And I thought I was up to date on current affairs -- damn. :ragecry-18:
Does Balotelli have to take off his shirt after every goal?
Was that 8% possession from Uruguay at the half? Now I am interested what the mighty Tahitians will do.

One card for every strike is not a good statistic either.
Seattle audience channels Wu-Tang as Team USA beats Panama.

"We bring the noise, we bring the ruckus
USA ain't nothin' to fuck with!"

Caught be ESPN:

Seattle is the greatest soccer city in America.
Watching the latest round of ConfedCup action. Bra/Mex. Dani Alves always has been, and seems he always will be, a complete dick.

Good job by the USMNT grinding it out last night for the 3 points.
Only 10-0 Spain versus Tahiti. God I hope Torres doesn't get Golden Boot again.

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