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have another split that i accidentally made if anyone wants another one or knows of someone who does.
I'll definitely have to grab a few samples myself.
They, of course, didn’t have any samples. The silk has more of the floraly powdery elements and smells less sexy and oud like to me after 2 hours. Honestly I don’t really smell any oud in this.
doghouse doghouse new Amouage collection. only got a sniff of them but there could be some REAL winners in here

the wood, leather, and silver oud all smelled bangin.
Of course if any newbies are interested feel free to let me know as well. Always welcome to have new blood around here.
The description sounds kinda floral. Is that accurate?
Well I’ve only had it on for an hour but I get a light summery smell with a very slight hint of jasmine in the background. I’ll have more definitive info on duration later but it is EXCEPTIONALLY humid out today and I’m standing in a macys where the AC is partially broken so I’m might not have the best case for proof of smell by the time I get home
so about 5 hours later now its still present. i'm getting more of the jasmine and a slightly orange-y undertone. its nice but im not quite as sold on it as i was when i put it on in the first place. overall i think it might be another unisex offering of theirs. if you guys end up trying it and like it let me know.
new brand of fragrances at Neimans - Mind Games. Premium shit. Ive tried two of them so far and have been very impressed. Long lasting and deep, interesting scents. Might be something there worth getting in to.
I got into the elevator wearing Mancera Red Tobacco lastnight and all the ladies riding with me were raving about the smell.

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