"'I shot [her] dead', unsealed court documents show. While being restrained after the shooting at a Virginia school, the boy is said to have admitted 'I did it', adding 'I got my mom's gun last night'."

"The boy's mother, however, Deja Taylor, has been charged with felony child neglect and misdemeanour recklessly leaving a loaded firearm as to endanger a child....Ms Taylor will be sentenced in October and could face up to 25 years in prison."

25 years for being ignorant and/or reckless?

RIP the man who combined Tupperware and firearms manufacturing.
Glock! The man who transformed handguns from being beautiful and elegant sidearms crafted from machined steel and fine wood into ugly, cheaply made killing devices assembled from stampings and moulded plastic! Were I to write a modern-day counterpart of Dante's Inferno, I would have him spend eternity being dunked into cauldrons of molten plastic!
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In July 1999, Glock suspected that Charles Ewert, one of his closest financial advisers, had been embezzling funds. Glock confronted Ewert, who hired a French mercenary[6] to murder Glock with a rubber mallet in a car park in an attempt to make it look like an accident.[7][8] Glock was hit in the head, but was able to fight back, punching the man until he collapsed on top of Glock.[6]
A rubber mallet strikes me as an awfully inefficient murder weapon, and so it proved in the aforementioned case.

"Authorities have not identified a motive in Sunday’s shooting, but they said a dispute between Moreno and her ex-husband’s family, some of whom are Jewish, might be linked to the shooting.

Two law enforcement officials told NBC News earlier that Moreno used an assault rifle with the word 'Palestine' written on it."

You had issues with your ex husband's Jewish family so you put Palestine on your rifle and go shoot up a Christian church?
The French black market on firearms and other weapons is wild!



Police said it's not the first time David Contreras threatened to shoot his son. Last May, police said he shot at the ceiling, and on Halloween, just days before the fatal shooting, he pointed a gun at his son
Dumb MF couldn’t even properly insert the magazine for a photo shoot. That chicken wing and stock in the armpit says this is not his rifle.


First new service rifle in nearly 70 years! Interesting to to see:

Bucking the trend towards smaller/lighter (based on concept of universal citizen soldiers and women shooters needing something easier to shoot well) to something bigger and heavier to defeat modern body armour.

People not at the sharp end will still have 5.56 - creating some logistics challenges (though presumably 7.62!is now out, so maybe not)

Army is moving ahead with this, other services haven’t committed yet.

The old days of NATO standard seems to be dead - Europe was forced to adopt 5.56 but not they are on their own

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